Unit 33 Coues Deer Early Seasons
Unit 22 North Late Season Bull Elk
Unit 8 Late Season Bull Elk
Unit 6A Late Season Bull Elk
Unit 7 West Late Bull Elk
Unit 33 Javelina
Unit 23 Whitetailed Deer
Unit 7 East Archery Elk
Unit 34A Javelina
Unit 20B Javelina
Unit 21 Javelina
Unit 22 South Elk
Unit 34A Whitetail Deer
Unit 20B Mule Deer
Unit 21 Coues Deer
Unit 5A Antlerless Elk
Unit 5B Antlerless Elk
Unit 6B Whitetail Deer
Unit 10 Cow Elk
Unit 32 Mule Deer
Unit 1 Late Bull Elk
Unit 6A Bear
Unit 23 Bear
Arizona Unit 6A Coues Whitetail Deer
Unit 24B Mule Deer
Unit 35B Whitetail Deer
Unit 6A Muzzleloader Elk

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