Room Mesh 101 Resell Right!!
Room Mesh 101 No Resell!!
Hair Mix 2018 + PSD Resell Right!
Hair Mix 2018 + PSD No Resell!!
Evelyn Collection,Resell Right!
Evelyn Collection,No Resell Right!
VIP March 2018 Collection,Resell Right !!
VIP March 2018 Collection,No Resell!!
The Spot Room Mesh Bundle Catalog Only! 1 Room +15 Furniture See Images!!
US Chill Room Mesh Bundle Chatty Only!
Office Room Mesh Bundle Chatty ONLY!!
Sight Room Mesh Bundle ! Chatty Only!
Meeting Room Mesh Bundle Chatty Only!
Ambient Small Room Mesh Chatty Only!
Memories Wedding Collection .Resell Right!
Memories Wedding Collection.No Resell !!
If The Shoe Fits Collection. Resell Right!!
If The Shoe Fits Collection.NO Resell!!
Isabella Bundle, Resell Right!!
Isabella Bundle, No Resell!!
Cozy Hangout Room Mesh+Chairs Mesh Chatty ONLY!!
Madison Collection Resell Right!
Madioson Collection No Resell!!
3 Accessories Offer Chatty Only!!
12 Furniture Offer Chatty Only!!
6 Room Mesh Offer Chatty Only!!
Mijana Collection GA&AP.Resell Right!
Mijana Collection GA&AP,No Resell!!
Celia Bundle 5 Colores,Resell Right!
Celia Bundle 5 Colores.No Resell !
Elodie Collection(onSis3D mesh).Resell Right!
Elodie Collection (on Sis3D Mesh).No Resell!!
Modern Fireplace Mesh.Resell Right!
Modern Fireplace Mesh.No Resell!!
Caffee Room Mesh, Resell Right Limited to 3 People!! Must Provide IMVU Name!!
Caffee Room Mesh. No Resell !!
Mesh Valentine Mini Bar no pose+Vase.Resell Right!!
Mesh Valentine Mini Bar no pose+ Vase.No Resell
Marena Dresses ( On Sis3D Mesh) +Psd.Chatty Only
Miss Qupid Bundle Resell Right!!
Miss Qupid Bundle NO Resell!!
Heart Room Mesh 2018,Resell Right!!
Heart Room Mesh 2018,No Resell Right!
Luv Dresses+PSD (Sis3D).Chatty Only!!
Ezzie Dresses+Psd(Sis3D) Chatty Only
Kaya Pantsuits(Sis3D)+PSD.Resell Right!!
Kaya Pantsuits(Sis3D)+PSD.No Resell!
Delaila Dresses (Sis3D)+PSD/ Resell Right!
Delaila Dresses (Sis3D)+PSD/ No Resell!!
Latija Dresses Made on Sis3D Meshes+ PSD Files,Resell Right !!
Latija Dresses Made on Sis3D Meshes+ PSD Files,No Resell !!


Selling IMVU Clothing Textures,Room Textures Room and Furniture Meshes,Some of them Coming With Resell Rights..These Files are Just for IMVU GAME..


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