SoundToys Effect Rack - Pad Stop & One-Shot Extension (50 Presets)

Pad Stop - turns pads, textures and any sustained parts into rhythmic and highly colored timbers. Using these racks you may change the original sound into an absolutely different and unrecognizable thing. 
This soundset includes 25 presets.
One-Shot Extension - turns one-shots and short sounds into long sounding or even endless parts. The timbral changes are great as well: warm, lo-fi, dirty, noisy, cold, wide and distant colors are collected for these racks.
This soundset includes 25 presets.

The bank of presets is created on version 5.2.4 For proper work, you should use this or higher version of SoundToys plugins.


Put the folders "- Pad Stop" and "- One-Shot Extension" into:
Mac: \ Users \ Shared \ Soundtoys \ Soundtoys 5 \ EffectRack
Windows: C:\ Users \ Public \ Public Documents \ Soundtoys \ Soundtoys 5 \ EffectRack