Arturia Microfreak - Mystic Pads (50 Presets by Anton Anru)

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"Mystic Pads" soundset is a collection of 50 presets for Arturia Microfreak.

There are pads, strings, drones, textures. The sound palette is wide: warm and cold, static and rhythmic, tonal and atonal, noisy and glassy, massive and tiny.

This bank of presets is a good weapon for creating mystery and special atmosphere in your projects. It will find its place in many genres: techno, minimal, house, house, deep, progressive, trance, electronica, ambient, downtempo, idm, glitch-hop, breaks, breakbeat, dnb.

All presets have thoroughly set Mod Matrix in order to achieve and interesting result. Press Mode is set to Aftertouch in all presets. Keep it in mind while editing midi clips or playing the keys.