Arturia Microfreak - Modular Arps (50 Presets by Anron Anru)

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Modular Arps (50 Presets):
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Keys in Nostalgia (50 Presets):
Bundle (150 Presets):
Noise Osc (10 Presets):

"Modular Arps" soundset is a collection of 50 Arp Presets for a lovely synth for experiment lovers - Arturia Microfreak.

They have groove, swing, accents, polyrhythm, motion and timbre development.

All presets have thoroughly set Mod Matrix, so it's easy to create complex and unique arp lines. Lots of interesting (sometimes unpredictable) stuff happens with these arps. They generate so many "Happy Accidents".

All types of oscillators were used, so some arps sound familiar and some are really freaky. Add these sounds to your live setup or production for new sound colors.

They will find its place in many genres: techno, minimal, house, house, deep, progressive, trance, electronica, ambient, downtempo, idm, glitch-hop, breaks, breakbeat, dnb.

Press Mode is set to Velocity in all presets. Keep it in mind while editing midi clips or playing the keys.

Use Spice and Dice controllers for further evolution of rhythm.