Arturia MatrixBrute - Must Have (64 Presets by Anton Anru)

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Must Have (64 Presets):
Seqs Machine (64 Presets):
Bundle (128 Presets):

Massive and huge timbres for massive and huge Arturia MatrixBrute.

These powerful 'Must Have' presets add enormous energy to any track. Pure analog warm sound gives your tracks special style and character.

The bank consists of:

  • 16 basses
  • 16 leads
  • 16 paraphonics
  • 16 percussions

Each preset has Mod Wheel and 4 Macros modulations, that gives you an opportunity for creative tweaking during a performance/jam, as well as fast and easy automation inside your DAW.

For sending the presets to your MatrixBrute use Arturia Midi Control Center.