Minding God's Business Wealth Building Seminar

Join Tiffany Buckner's upcoming wealth building series, where we will be focusing on three facets of the millionaire in you, and they are:
  • the Strategist
  • the Entrepreneur
  • the Inventor
This class is designed to teach you to tap into the Kingdom strategies that God has placed within each believer. There will be a total of three classes and the dates for those classes are:
  • Monday, August 28th
  • Monday, September 4th
  • Monday, September 11th
Each class will start at 9pm EST and last one hour. Every student will be be taught and challenged. Reserved seating for the first 50 students is $19.99. After that, the class and the program will be anywhere from $29.99 to $39.99.

By purchasing your ticket, you are simply reserving your seat. You will not receive any class materials as of yet. NO REFUNDS. Remember, this is reserved seating, so there will be no refunds or credits. If you are unavailable for any of the scheduled days, you will be able to view a replay video of the teaching.