The Settlement Offer (A Message for Single Women and Men)

The time is drawing near! Your case is about to be heard, but all of a sudden, a handsome (or beautiful) stranger enters your life. Your new friend appears to be PERFECT! You see a few red flags, but you ignore them because you've been waiting for a moment like this! Ahhhh.... the bliss of being wanted!

What you're experiencing is called a settlement. This is the period when the enemy realizes that you're not going to back down! He realizes that if you continue, you will step into your promised land and be introduced to your promised man (or woman), and of course, he's not willing to stand idly while you get blessed. He's at war with you. So, he sends in another soldier, but this soldier is wearing a pair of shiny church shoes. How do you not settle for the settlement?

Listen to this powerful message!