Parking Women

Have you ever parked in a parking spot that belonged to one business establishment, even though you knew you were about to enter a different one? You did this because the parking spot was open and it was close to the place you planned to go in, right?

Did you now there are many men out there, both Christian and not-so-Christian, who park in a husband's spot in a woman's life, all the while, repeatedly reminding her that they're just "friends"? What amazes me the most is that MANY BEAUTIFUL AND ANOINTED women are falling for this, not realizing that this game is older than they are! And guess what? It's not just an American problem; this happens all around the globe!

In Message One, I'm gonna help you to understand what it means to park a woman or to be parked as a woman. Message Two is a no-holds-barred nearly two-hour teaching and testimonial, detailing why some men will meet women who are wife-worthy and friendzone them.