The Link Between Offense & Witchcraft

One of the enemy's most effective weapons is the spirit of offense. The reason for this is ... when someone wrongs us, it creates an imbalance in our lives that we must get past. Of course, this is no easy feat because the enemy will always offer us opportunities to restore balance to our lives by tempting us to address or retailiate against the person or people who've offended us. Howbeit, God wants us to cast that burden upon Him, forgive our trespassers and make our way through the hurt, the shame, the offense and our own pride. He promises us that He will take vengeance against our enemies, but Satan's way seems quicker and more deserving. It goes without saying, however, that Satan's way only creates an even greater imbalance, but whenever we're hurt or offended, we oftentimes want quick fixes. 

In this powerful audio message, you will come to understand how the stronghold of offense can easily lead you into subtle or blatant witchcraft. This powerful message is more than two hours long!