Witchcraft by Proxy (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

This powerful, powerful series will help you to understand how Satan has tricked or coerced many believers into entering witchcraft... many times unknowingly!
Part 1: Well Disguised Witchcraft- Discover how the enemy disguises witchcraft prayers and ungodly motives as righteous prayers and well intentions!
Part 2: Illegal Fasting and Spiritual Paranoia- Every fast that you're asked to enter is not a godly fast! Additionally, the spirit behind schizophrenia has gotten into the church and has deceived many believers into releasing word curses against other believers!
Part 3: Soul Tied & Offended- Soul ties are Satan's favorite weapons... especially when they are ungodly! Why is this? Because a soul tied believer in rebellion is one breath away from becoming a witch!