This LUT inspired me while traveling through Iceland. The name actually comes from Kerlingarfjöll. Its a vulcanic Mountain Range in the middle of Iceland. Because of the vulcanic origin you can find so many different colors in one place. After coming back from Iceland and editing my Footage i decided to create my own LUT as the colors were just incane.

Other than all the common ORANGE & TEAL LUTS on the Market right now, Kerling gives you a natural look with strong colors and contrast. Yellow and Blue are the dominantes Colors in this LUT, as well as the right amount of green. 

Please notice the sample Images are Screenshots of the actual Video and are not processed in Lightroom or any other Image Editing Software. I used Lumetri Color in Premiere Pro to apply the LUT and add some Contrast. 

This LUT was designed to Work with DJI and Sony Cameras in D-Cinelike and Cine4 and can be applied with any common Video Editing Software. If you have a Canon Camera you can try it, please let me know how the LUT applies! I dont own a Canon to test it.

In order for the LUT to work properly set the LUT bewtween 50% and 80%, add some Curves and make sure the White Balance is set right.

If you are using FCPX, it works, but you need to install a LUT Loader for FCPX to recognize it. You can download one free for FCPX here :

Thanks folks, keep creating!
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