Terms of Conditions

According to the laws provided by the European community regarding the right of withdrawal based on digial contents, it can be exercised before 14 days.

The right of withdrawal lapses once the product has been downloaded. Once you have purchased a product, and after having downloaded it, the right of withdrawal will no longer be applicable.

I would advice you, if you are interested to buy a product from my shop to read the products descriptions, and to contact me, if you want additional infos. 

Please, before opening a complaint through PayPal against me, contact me. I would be glad to give you a full support about the arcticles that you have bought. I'm online all days, H24, and you can contact me in many ways. You can contact me here, via mail, or via Facebook in my official page.



You can't share, trade, sell, or gift the articles that you're buying from the shop;

You can't use your account or your PayPal address to buy articles for other peoples;

You can't edit the main files of my ETS2/ATS mods. The files inside such as .PMD, and .PMG are closed, and the archive that contains them is crypted. You can only edit skins files, and some defs files;

You can't peddle my work as your;

If any of this rule get broken I will block your future orders and you will no longer get updates of the articles that you have bought.




Just log-in at your Sellfy account, then go on the "Account" section, then "My purchases". There you will find ALL products that you have bought. Just select the product that you want to update, and re-download it.

IF you don't have a proper account at Sellfy, just check your emails and find the receipt of the products that you purchased and open it. There you will find the button or the link to download the product. Download it and you will get the updated one.

IF you bought the products privately from me, or IF you having issues with the updating process of the products do the following:

Contact me via e-mail ([email protected]) or at my official Facebook's page (https://www.facebook.com/alang7design/);

Write me that you want to get the updated products and specify me your: SELLFY E-MAIL, PAYPAL E-MAIL, PAYPAL NAME AND SURNAME. Once I verified the orders I will send you the updated files. If you don't specify me these information, I will not be able to help you.

Please, avoid to contact me and asking me the updated files without having purchased the product. Without order verifying and without proofs I DON'T SEND any file.

It's important that you write me in English. Do not use other language otherwise I will not be able to understand you.



As mentioned on every article's description, once you buy something from my shop, automatically you accepting the ToS (Terms of Conditions).

Some ETS2/ATS mods contains files that aren't part of the product that you willing to buy. Always carefully watch the videos guides to see what's on the product that you willing to buy. Every article most of the time contains two videos.

For any other questions, or for more infos about my products, please, contact me and I will answer to all your questions.