Integrity In Insurance Membership $19.95 Per Month

Your 3i Membership, sponsored by Praxis ACG gives you access to all the resources you could ever need for your business!  With member discounts alone you

You Membership Includes:

  • Landing page with capture form
  • Discounted Access to All Services with;
    • Blue Rocket Digital
    • Praxis Acg
  • Access to all events
    • Weekly Training events
    • Workshops
    • Weekly Webinars
    • and Live Events when possible
  • Producer Advisory Team Access
  • Aggregated Production Program
  • Dedicated Marketing Coach & Product Advisor
  • 3i Agent University
  • Advisor Tool Box
  • Smart Office CRM, Winflex, Vital Quotes, X-Rae, and more.
  • & Much Much More!

If you need more information simply contact us at 1-800-674-2828!