Managerial Accounting: Part IV. The Painting Department of Garner Manufacturing Company

Managerial Accounting
Part IV. Process Cost Accounting
The Painting Department of Garner Manufacturing Company has the following production and manufacturing cost data for September.
Production: Beginning work in process inventory 8,000 units that are 100% complete as to materials and 40% complete as to conversion costs; units started into production 27,000; ending inventory of 12,000 units that are 20% complete as to conversion costs.
Manufacturing Costs: Begining work in process inventory of $40,000, comprised of $30,000 of materials and $10,000 of conversion costs. Materials added during the month, $110,000; labor and overhead applied during the month, $62,000 and $55,000, respectively.Instructions
(a) Compute the equivalent units of production for materials and conversion costs for the month of September.
(b) Compute the unit costs for materials and conversion costs.
(c) Determine the costs to be assigned to the units transferred out and ending work in process.