Acc505 Managerial Accounting: (TCOD) The management of Thews Corporation is considering dropping

Acc505 Managerial Accounting
Week 6
(TCOD) The management of Thews Corporation is considering dropping product E28I. Data from the company's accounting system appear below:
Variable expenses---------------------------------------------$202,000
Fixed manufacturing expense-------------------------------$158,000
Fixed Selling and administrative expense----------------$130,000

All fixed expenses of the company are fully allocated to products in the company's accounting system. Further investigation has revealed that $86,000 of the fixed manufacturing expenses and $67,000 of the fixed selling and administrative expenses are avoidable if product E28I is discontinued.

i. What is the net operating income earned by product E28I according to the company's accounting system? Show your work!
ii. What would be the effect on the company's overall net operating income of dropping product E28I? Should the product be dropped? Show your work.