Acc306 Intermediate Accounting: E15-25 Listed below are several terms and phrases associated

Acc306 Intermediate Accounting Week 2 E15–25 Concepts; terminology Listed below are several terms and phrases associated with leases. Pair each item from List A with theitem from List B (by letter) that is most appropriately associated with it. List A List B 1. Effective rate times balance. a. PV of BPO price. 2. Realization principle. b. Lessor's net investment. 3. Minimum lease payments plus unguaranteed residual value. c. Lessor's gross investment. 4. Periodic lease payments plus lessee-guaranteed residual value. d. Operating lease. 5. PV of minimum lease payments plus PV of unguaranteed residual value. e. Depreciable assets. 6. Initial direct costs. f. Loss to lessee. 7. Rent revenue. g. Executory costs. 8. Bargain purchase option. h. Depreciation longer than lease term. 9. Leasehold improvements. i. Disclosure only. 10. Cash to satisfy residual value guarantee. j. Interest expense. 11. Capital lease expense. k. Additional lessor conditions. 12. Deducted in lessor's computation of lease payments. l. Lessee's minimum lease payments 13. Title transfers to lessee. m. Purchase price less than fair value. 14. Contingent rentals. n. Sales-type lease selling expense. 15. Lease payments plus lessee-guaranteed and 3rd-party-guaranteed residual value. o. Lessor's minimum lease payments.