Acc206 Principles of Accounting: P17-37 Draper Consulting uses a job order costing system

Acc206 Principles of Accounting P17-37 Accounting for Manufacturing Overhead [25-35 min] This problem continues the Draper Consulting, Inc., situation from Problem 16-35 of Chapter 16. Draper Consulting uses a job order costing system in which each client is a different job. Draper traces direct labor, daily per diem, and travel costs directly to each job. It allocates indirect costs to jobs based on a predetermined indirect cost allocation rate, computed as a percentage of direct labor costs. At the beginning of 2013, the controller prepared the following budgets: Direct labor hours (professional) 5,500 hours Direct labor costs (professional) $990,000 Support staff salaries 105,000 Computer leases 48,000 Office supplies 15,000 Office rent 30,000 In November 2013, Draper served several clients. Records for two clients appear here: Tommy's Trains Marcia's Cookies Direct labor hours 730 300 hours Meal - per diem $2,600 $600 Travel costs $11,000 $- Requirements: 1. Compute Draper's predetermined indirect cost allocation rate for 2013. 2. Compute the total cost of each job. 3. If Draper wants to earn profits equal to 25% of sales revenue, how much (what fee) should it charge each of these two clients? 4. Why does Draper assign costs to jobs?