Financial Accounting: E3-20 In the month of March, C.D. Goose, Inc.

Financial Accounting
E3-20 Recording Transactions
In the month of March, C.D. Goose, Inc. entered into the following transactions:
Mar 2. Bought a new building for $135,000.
Mar 3. Paid February utility bill of $860.
Mar 11. Issued common stock to investors in return for $5,000.
Mar 13. Hired a new administrative assistant for a $35,000 salary.
Mar 19. Received payment in the amount of $750 for service billed in February.
Mar 31. Paid dividends of $1,000.

Prepare all necessary journal entries for March (omitting the explanations). If no entry is required, select "No entry required" and leave the amount boxes blank.