Managerial Accounting: E7-17 Blumen Textiles Corporation began January

Managerial Accounting 
E7-17 Factory overhead cost variances 
Blumen Textiles Corporation began January with a budget for 90,000 hours of production in the Weaving Department. The department has a full capacity of 100,000 hours under normal business conditions. The budgeted overhead at the planned volumes at the beginning of April was as follows: 
Variable overhead 540,000 
Fixed overhead 240,000 
Total 780,000 
The actual factory overhead was $ 782,000 for April. The actual fixed factory overhead was as budgeted. During April, the Weaving Department had standard hours at actual production volume of 92,500 hours. 

a. Determine the variable factory overhead controllable variance. 
b. Determine the fixed factory overhead volume variance.