Managerial Accounting: P29-2A Xcite Equipment Co. manufactures and markets

Reminder: There are several versions of this problem (company names and amounts might be different); please compare and review your homework questions to our tutorial. If this tutorial is different from your questions, the format of the solution is the same. If you need more assistance, please email us. Managerial Accounting P29-2A CVP Analysis and Charting (Req 1&3 only) Xcite Equipment Co. manufactures and markets a number of rope products. Management is considering the future of Product XT, a special rope for hang gliding, that has not been as profitable as planned. Since Product XT is manufactured and marketed independently of the other products, its total costs can be precisely measured. Next year’s plans call for a $290 selling price per 100 yards of XT rope. Its fixed costs for the year are expected to be $313,200, up to a maximum capacity of 550,000 yards of rope. Forecasted variable costs are $203 per 100 yards of XT rope 1. Estimate Product XT’s break-even point in terms of sales units. (1 unit = 100 yards.) (Do not round intermediate calculations.) 3. Prepare a contribution margin income statement showing sales, variable costs, and fixed costs for Product XT at the break-even point