Acc421 Intermediate Accounting: P7-6 The balance sheet of Starsky Company at December 31

Acc421 Intermediate Accounting Problem 7-6 Journalize Various Accounts Receivable Transactions The balance sheet of Starsky Company at December 31, 2010, includes the following. Notes receivable 36,000 Accounts receivable 182,100 Less: Allowance for doubtful accounts 17,300 164,800 200,800 Transactions in 2010 include the following. 1. Accounts receivable of $318,000 were collected including accounts of $60,000 on which 2% sales discounts were allowed. 2. $5,300 was received in payment of an account which was written off the books as worthless in 2010. (Hint: Reestablish the receivable account) 3. Customer accounts of $17,500 written off during the year. 4. At year-end the Allowance for Doubtful Accounts was estimated to need a balance of $20,000. this estimate is based on an analysis of aged accounts receivable. Instructions Prepare all journal entries necessary to reflect the transactions above