Aeroplaneheaven Hawker Typhoon Mk1B

This simulation depicts the "Tiffy" in Mk1B form , at the height of its success from 1944 on.
Aircraft represented in this simulation.
1) SF-S 137Squadron Manston June 1944 flown by F/O A.N.Sames
2) MR? 245 Squadron Holmesly 1944 flown by Squadron Leader Jack Collins
3) PR-m 609 Squadron Thorney Island June 1944
4) 18-P 440 Squadron September 1944
5) TP-F 198 Squadron August 1944
6) ZY-Y 247 Squadron December 1944 Flown by Squadron Leader B.G. Stapleton

Exterior Model:
- Built over the best plans available and using researched material.
- Many animations including correct gear retraction, flaps, canopy and radiator flap. Castoring tail wheel with scale compressions
- All new highly detailed and animated pilot with oxygen mask and animated goggles.
- Special OPTIONS panel allows for a variety of loadouts- Rockets, Bombs or tanks and "clean".
- COLD,DARK start option provided with the OPTIONS panel.
- Correct overpaint of landing lights when rockets are loaded. Rocket primers in unfused and fused states Gun flash effects with spent shell casings ejected.
- Realistic engine start using specially coded prop hesitation, smoke and flame.
- Highly detailed model comes with 6 liveries and a pro-quality paintkit.

Cockpit model:
- Highly accurate representation of the Mk1B cockpit.
- Many uniquely coded animations including a collimated gunsight, authentic fuel tanks selection and content gauge panel.
- Correct start procedures include boost coil and cartridge starter with loud sound effect.
- Beautiful rendered details and special build techniques to provide an "immersive" feel to the cockpit in the simulator.
- Hidden "secret" Navigation equipment can be toggled on to provide VOR and ILS guidance, GPS flightplans etc.
- Working supercharger control - Moderate and High settings to aid with climb and combat performance.
- Flight Dynamics are highly realistic and provide a challenge for the virtual pilot. The "Tiffy" was not a very easy aeroplane to fly, especially at slow speeds. This is reflected in the flight dynamics. A more benign set of flight dynamics files are provided as an option for those wishing a more relaxed experience.
- Fully engineered sound package includes the cartridge start effect and the characteristic supercharger whine.

• Windows XP SP3 , Vista , 7, 8. 10
• FSX SP2/Accel pack/Steam
• Prepar3d V 2.x and 3.x (compatible)
• Ram : Minimum 2 + GB RAM
• Hard drive : 400 MB