Aeroplaneheaven B17 Flying Fortress

“Memphis Belle” survived the war and most recently has been taken in for restoration by the United States Air Force Museum. Sadly, the original “Belle” had been the subject of vandalism over the years and the bulk of her original equipment and fittings removed. However, the Museum with the assistance of the “Memphis Belle” Association have been able to put her back on track to full restoration to how she was when she arrived in the States for her War Bond tour. 

“Hell’s Angels”was a B17F-25 and actually completed her 25 missions ahead of “Memphis Belle”. She was in fact the first 8th. Air Force B17 to do so. 

“Miami Clipper” flew back the the U.S in 1944 and “Blonde Bomber” flew its last mission in January 1944 when it was shot down over Western Germany. 

Completing the lineup is “Bare Metal”, a fictional B17F-20 finished in unpainted aluminium. Although this never happened for the early models, it gives a taste of how they might have looked fresh from the factory before the drab green was applied.
A full paintkit is also be included for you to create your own schemes and choice of markings. All models have droppable bombs, operated from the cockpit, animated turrets and all crew present including the ball-turret gunner. 

A massive amount of detail has been included yet framerates are low for smooth flying on all but the slowest computers. Even the diamond treads are bump-cut into the tyres! A fully functional cockpit includes authentic start procedures and engine management including the trubo-superchargers. You also have a choice of conventional flood or ultra violet lighting at night. 

From the fully detailed nose section to the animated tail-gunner, this package really does do homage to one of history’s most illustrious icons and an aviation legend.
• Hi-fidelity models with a huge amount of authentic detail
• Superbly detailed Wright Cyclone engines
• Droppable bombs fall at scale speeds
• Manned rotating turrets with gun depression and elevation.
• Retractable animated waist gunners and opening side gun doors
• Opening hatches with interior detail
• Superb stereo sound pack
• Many unique animations including vibrating exhausts and turbochargers
• Fully animated crew
• Sun splinter effects in the cockpit glazing
• NOW with the G variant.

• Special configuration panel pop-up allows you to show or hide the turret gunners and bombardier for takeoff and landing, adjust your seat position and more.

• 5 high-definition liveries with special bump effects and accurate, sharply defined nose-art
• Pro-quality paintkit enables you to create your own favourite schemes.
• 5 Extra liveries added for the G variant.

• Windows XP SP3 , Vista , 7, 8
• FSX SP2/Accel pack/Steam
• Prepar3d V2.x V3.x V4.x (compatible)
• Ram : Minimum 2 + GB RAM
• Hard drive : 780 MB