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AR0975 Demon Fairy Files

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3. You may edit my textures however you wish.
4. Do no make them derivable.

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For easy derivation, Please use the CHKN files that are included for each product

Collection Includes 20 products! (! 0975 DF Add Leg Armor) (! 0975 DF Add AnkleArmor) (! 0975 DF Add ThighArmor) (! 0975 DF Add Bracers) (! 0975 DF Claw Bra Top) (! 0975 DF Add Skirt) (! 0975 DF Skirt) (! 0975 DF Add Full Armor) (! 0975 DF Add Collar) (! 0975 DF Add Bra) (! 0975 AP Demon Fairy) (! 0975 DF Fingers) (! 0975 DF Armor) (! 0975 DF Horns) (! 0975 DF Harness) (! 0975 DF Shoes) (! 0975 DF Earrings) (! 0975 DF Wings) (! 0975 DF Spine) (! 0975 Demon Fairy Dress)

Try/Buy on IMVU (! 0975 Demon Fairy Bndl2) (! 0975 Demon Fairy Bndl1)