The Eureka Tower: A Case Study of Advanced BIM Implementation

AECbytes Feature (June 2, 2004)

Standing 92 stories tall with a total height of 300 meters (984 feet), the Eureka Tower located in Melbourne, Australia, is not only the tallest residential building in the world, it is also one of the largest projects to be designed using the principles, methodology, and processes of building information modeling. This article captures my finds to the questions: How exactly was it done, and what was the technology that was used? What were the unique challenges involved in designing this project? What was the motivation for using BIM and how well did it work? Was the BIM methodology used by the extended design team? Is the BIM model being used for construction and does it figure in the plans for the operation and maintenance of the project?

About the Author

Lachmi Khemlani is the founder and editor of AECbytes. She has a Ph.D. in Architecture from UC Berkeley, specializing in intelligent building modeling, and consults and writes on AEC technology.