Sutter Medical Center Castro Valley: Case Study of an IPD Project
SKYSITE: Cloud-Based Document Management for Construction
SketchUp Pro 2014
Aconex: Cloud Platform for AEC Collaboration
Invicara BIM Assure: Cloud-Based Collaborative Model Checker
Autocase: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Sustainable Design
FenestraPro Premium: A Generative Tool for Façade Design in Architecture
Cityzenith Smart World for City Information Modeling
Aditazz Design Synthesis Application
Visicon: Model Review and Validation
ArchiCAD 18
Allplan 2013
Bentley AECOsim Building Designer V8i
Newforma Project Center Professional Ninth Edition
  Solibri Model Checker v7
IDEA (IntelliCAD-Based Architectural BIM)
The BIM Handbook (Book Review)
Labor-Productivity Declines in the Construction Industry: Causes and Remedies (Another Look)
Labor Productivity Declines in the Construction Industry: Causes and Remedies
The Many Marvels of Marionette and How to Make the Most of It
SITEOPS: Applying Optimization Technology to Site Design
Autodesk and Bentley’s Unprecedented Interoperability Agreement
Top Criteria for BIM Solutions: AECbytes Survey Results
Managing Submittals at LMN Architects: Before Newforma Project Center and After
Visual Estimating: Extending BIM to Construction
2006 2nd Annual BIM Awards, Part 2
2006 2nd Annual BIM Awards, Part 1
Automated Rule-Based Building Design and Engineering at Robertson Ceco Corporation
CORENET e-PlanCheck: Singapore's Automated Code Checking System
Hurricanes and their Aftermath: How Can Technology Help?
The Eureka Tower: A Case Study of Advanced BIM Implementation
The IFC Building Model: A Look Under the Hood