Kravenhurst Asylum
Don't Ever Blink
Dubstep Halloween
Jack to the FUTURE! Sountrack
Drunken Weapons - EDM
I'm A Troll
The Beast of Blue River
Tonight is the Answer - EDM/Trance Album
Dark Days In The Undergrounds - Dark EDM Album
Painted Flowers and Computer Guts - EDM Album
Realism on Steroids - EDM (House) Single
Make Love All The Time - EDM Single
Acidhedz Vocal Sample Pack 2
Acidhedz Vocal Samples
Dast Ist Dance
Hot Nights
Abberant Athiest
Gamer Dubs
Dirty Specters of the 21st Century
Early Morning With Little Sleep
Off The Cuff
Hot Sex - Electronica
Unspeakable Overture
For The Kidz
A Classical Halloween
Ultimate Dystopia.MP3
Hitch My Wagon.MP3
Music For Parties
Gecko Grind On The Roof.MP3
Life Can Be Beautiful Sometimes.MP3


An indie music producer and writer. I produce music under the name Acidhedz, and publish under Ryan Murphy.


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