Social Revamp Pack - Thumbnail V4 Edition

Get the Social Media Revamp Version of the Completely Upgraded & Revamped YouTube Thumbnail Pack created using parts from the original "Thumbnail Pack V4 - Saw Sniping Edition". This pack has been transformed to fit revamp measurements with extra features and options. Such options are Two different Text Variants, Three Color Corrections (CC), Five Weapons to choose from and an endless range of color choice. If you have purchased Thumbnail Pack V4 - Revamped Edition, you're entitled to a significant discount. The Entire Pack is 99.2MB. They've been placed in a Zip File. Use a UnZip program to recieve the files. 7-Zip should be already installed on your windows device. If you have any questions on how to Edit any part of the pack. Please send me a message on Twitter @AcezProduction or email me at [email protected] Thumbnail Pack V4 - Revamped Edition is not included in this Edition! Get the Original Thumbnail Pack Here: Available only for $2.99 Get the Revamped Thumbnail Pack Here: Available only for $4.99 Get the Revamp Pack, the Thumbnail V4 Pack and Revamped Edition Bundle Here: Available only for $7.99 ($4.98 OFF!) Pack Created By AcezProduction Right Click + "Open Image in new tab" to see the Thumbnail in HD or Check Out High Quality Renders of Each of the Products Thumbnails Here Happy Designing -AcezProductions