Top Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Flu season, cold season, COVID season, seasonal depression season, all rolled into one! 🥴

Yeah, it's going to be a crazy fall and winter season. Are YOU prepared for it though?! Is your body ready to kick some a** and take some names?! 

Your body is BEGGING you to take charge today so it can get through these insane times that are coming our way. 

Your immune system can be strengthened to help you fight off any of the crazy offenders that you may face. *Looking at ALL of 'em crazy! 😒*

Lately, all you've been hearing about are immune boosting supplements and foods but do you REALLY know what it means to boost your immune system?

Your immune system is a very intricately designed system that needs the proper nutrients in order to activate its defense mechanisms. There's no one that can sell you a product that guarantees you complete immune defense. 

What you MUST do is learn how certain nutrients strengthen/boost your immune system so that you can then give your body what it needs. Simple. As. That. 

This book is going to show you how to stay ready so you don't have to get ready! 

Your best defense is an offense. 

What You Will Learn in Top Foods to Boost Your Immune System

  • You will learn specifically what the most important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are that you need to consume to strengthen your immune system.
  • You will learn the mechanisms for how each vitamin, mineral, and nutrient activates your immune cells and system. 
  • You will also learn what each vitamin, mineral, and nutrient does for your general health. 
  • You will also learn what deficiency of each vitamin, mineral, and nutrient looks like.
  • You will learn which foods contain each vitamin, mineral, and nutrient and the quantity of that vitamin or mineral in each food.
  • You will receive a checklist to help you keep daily track of which vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you've consumed that day and how much. 

Take the information within this book and TAKE ACTION DAILY! Stay consistent. 

This is no quick fix solution, this is no cure, this is information about the nutrients that your body needs in order to operate at optimal levels. 

Eating these foods will not guarantee immunity from any specific bacteria or virus. 

I myself know just how much your diet can affect your health. From the literal thousands of hours I've put into researching health and nutrition over the past almost 5 years, I've learned that the right foods can absolutely transform your health. 

My chronic and autoimmune diseases have improved so much from my organic, grass-fed, real food diet. 

I'll be the FIRST person to tell you that food IS medicine and you should turn to the right foods when your body is feeling down. 

Once you finish reading this book:

  • You will know EXACTLY what vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will strenghten your immune cells and system.
  • You will know how these vitamins, minerals, and nutrients affect your overall health.
  • You will know all of the top foods that contain these specific vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs.  
  • You will know exactly how to feed and protect your entire family against severe infections to any viruses or bacteria.

Testimonials about the book and author's general work:

You will receive three products: PDF version of the book - 89 pages, ePUB version of the book - 122 pages, and the Immune Boosting Food Journal Checklist. You will also receive access to an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group to help you on your new healthy journey with book discussions, immune-boosting recipes, and live cooking classes. 

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