Base Bundle
Lycan Base
Chicken Gryphon Base
Chibi Pony / Dragon / Other Base
Red Panda Base
Viyarix Base
Chibi Gryphon V2
Honey Badger Base
Snake Base
Sergal Blep Base
Huge Sergal Reference Base
Running Sergal Base Female
Sergal Head Turnaround
Sergal Maw Headshot
Large Sergal Base
Hugging Sergal Base
Running Sergal Base - Male
Sergal Base - Male NSFW
Sergal Base - Female NSFW
Sergal Base - Female SFW
Sergal Base - Male SFW
Winter Snow Day - Base
Lazy Canine Base
Multi-Species Leaf Base
Gryphon Base
Lazy Dragon Base
Mouse Lineart
Tibetan Mastiff Base - Male + Female
Large Base Pack
Female Canine Anthro Base
Dragon Base
Fluffy Canine Base
Running Canine Base


All my bases here are for sale and can be used for adoptables, reference sheets and others. For custom info visit


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