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Facebook Live Authority
The biggest social media platform is none other than Facebook.Each day there's 1.09 billion active users on Facebook. As a business, you should be "hanging out" where your crowd is. With almost everyone on Facebook, it only makes sense to be in front of where your audience is. However, you can just post anything. You need to post engaging, valuable content. How do you do that? By using Facebook's "Live" feature!

Why Should You Use Facebook Live? As a digital marketer, it’s your job to stay one step ahead and to be on the forefront of emerging technologies. Every new type of content or piece of hardware creates new opportunities to find an audience and engage with them in a way that’s fresh, exciting and impactful. Each time a new form of media comes along and creates a new ‘paradigm shift’, new ‘stars’ are born. And right now, the latest and most exciting platform of this nature is live video. Live video lets you engage with your audience like never before and communicate with them directly – even responding to comments. This is the closest you can come to visiting your audience in person and the impact this can have is gigantic. Now Facebook is getting involved with Facebook Live – and most likely it’s this platform that is going to ensure the format really takes off.

Even Mark Zuckerberg is Obsessed With Live Video! Mark Zuckerberg has already stated that he is ‘obsessed’ with live video and is putting all his energy behind making it a success. Facebook’s algorithm even favors live content to the extent that it is much more likely to be found than regular photos or videos. This is your opportunity. A new demand for live content is springing up and right now there is not the supply to meet it. If you can get in there and make a splash, then you can gain access to a huge new audience and build a relationship with them in a much more intimate and engaged manner. And when live video becomes widespread throughout the world, you’ll already have a foothold in the market!   So how can you get started with Facebook Live? I've written a guide on this exact subject so you can finally reap the benefits. Allow me to introduce you to...   Facebook Live Authority:

How To Use Facebook Live To Engage With Your Audience, Build Your Brand And Sell More of Your Products!
Facebook Live Authority
The Clean Eating Plan
Do you ever wish that you were healthier?

Do you ever feel sluggish just walking around?

Diet is such a fundamental part of our lives yet so many of us don't treat it with the respect that it deserves. The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn how to eat a cleaner and healthier diet.
Wish You Could Improve Your Health?
Most of us understand the importance of our health, but not all of us know how we can go about improving it. It's somehow a complicated and easy issue at the same time.

Are you working a tough jon with long hours?

Good luck eating cleaner without proper guidance or a plan.

Structuring your diet to fit around a demanding job is one of the most common problems that people reading this will face. You're not alone. It's not always easy.

What's The Solution?
So how on Earth are you going to eat clean without spending huge amounts of time preparing meals and counting your calories?

Well there is actually a much easier way.

As the saying goes, prior preperation prevents poor performance.

And diet and clean eating is no different. In this guide we will show you exactly how you can structure your diet, what meals you can eat, when you should eat them and most importantly we will educate you as to why you should eat them.

This guide will tell you everything you need to start living a healthier life and to lose weight.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to our brand new guide:


The Clean Eating Plan:
The Simple Guide to Improving Your Health and Well-Being With Easy and Satisfying Recipes
The Clean Eating Plan
Free Traffic System Advanced
Learn How To Successfully Drive Free Traffic...
And Boost Your Business and Profits Further! 

YouTube Videos in Organic Search Learn about YouTube videos and organic search and discover its significance in driving traffic to your site and your business! YouTube Relevance SEO Watch Time One of the things to consider regarding YouTube videos is ‘watch time’, and discover in this video how can you actually know if people are watching your videos and how to increase ‘watch time’. YouTube Clickable Links In this video, I’ll be talking about having links to your offers, websites and YouTube videos and why this is very important in your marketing efforts. Live Events Embedded Google Hangouts Google Hangouts is very similar to doing a webinar, and this is very important as it attracts people. I’ll talk about Google Hangouts and more in this video. Solo Ads Discover in this video why using solo ads is a cost efficient way of getting traffic to your site and its significance. Product Creation In this video, I’ll show you how you can use JVZoo to create a product, and use the product to further get traffic to your website. Forum Signature Marketing Know how you can get more traffic to your website by actively participating in forums and helping other people, and I’m going to show you in this video how to do this right. Amazon Kindle I’ll reveal another way of getting people to your website – that is, by writing books and posting it in sites like Amazon Kindle. Discover what you should and shouldn’t be doing in order to have a successful book, and get massive traffic as a result! Offline and QR Codes An awesome way of getting offline traffic to your website is by using tear sheets. I’ll talk about QR codes, tear sheets, and much more in this video. Udemy Udemy.com is for creating new courses for people who want to learn different subjects. In this video I’ll provide awesome and helpful information regarding Udemy.com and how you can use this to reach out to more people and get more traffic to your site!
Free Traffic System Advanced
How To Get Everything You Want In Life + Video Tutorials
Are you happy with where you are in life right now? Or, do you wish things were different? Everyone has different goals and dreams… Some of us are trying to change the world… …others just want to settle down and live a long healthy life with the people that they love the most… And then there are people that want it ALL! They want everything they can get out of life… What about you? Do you look in the mirror and see the person you are today… or visualize about the type of person you want to become?     Here’s Why Most People Never Truly Get
What They Want Out Of Life… They don’t know how. That may sound like an overly simple answer to a much bigger issue, but it’s true… Beyond not knowing how… many people also don’t realize that can have anything they want… Some people don’t think they deserve to be truly fulfilled and happy. And that’s a big problem… Overcoming the inner thoughts that hold you back is the first step to making a lasting change in your life and finally becoming the person that you’re supposed to be… And sadly, very few people ever become truly happy… They resign themselves to a life of struggling just to get by… or hold themselves 
back from embracing true, lasting happiness. You don’t have to live that way. I have some really good news for you today... Life is intended to be a truly beautiful thing…     And, There Is A Simple Formula To Get 
Everything You Want In Life… Just like a math problem or scientific formula, happiness and success in your life works the same way… You truly can have anything and everything that you want in life… And it all starts with the first step… You must first know what you want to be able to build the type of life that you want and deserve… I’ve seen a lot of people NOT living the type of life they deserve to live. I’ve seen a lot of people struggling day to day… You don’t have to live that way. That’s why I’ve created this very special book… Over the years, I’ve put together a proven roadmap for living the type of life that you want to live… If you follow what’s inside this roadmap, you truly can change your life… for the better… forever!
How To Get Everything You Want In Life + Video Tutorials
High Ticket Authority + Gold Edition
Are you tired of making measly $7, $10 and $20 sales?You drive so much traffic only to make such a small amount.Your competitors are fierce and everyone's under cutting one another.How would you like to make $997 to $20,000 sales from each customer?Think about it...If you make just 5 sales of $4,997 a month, that's $24,985!Let's be a bit more conservative -- at $497 a pop with only 5 customers, that's $2,485.That's the power of selling high ticket products! Why Sell High Ticket Products?There are more benefits to selling high ticket items too.One is that you’ll now be able to pour all your energy into creating that one product.In turn, that means that you can develop something that you’re truly proud of and that you’re willing to promote because you really believe in it.This makes a massive difference and is a great feeling.Imagine knowing that what you’ve built is something people are willing to spend that much money on – it’s highly rewarding!And this means that your customers will be much happier.And actually the day-to-day running of a business that sells high ticket items is a whole lot easier than running a business that sells lots of products.Why? Because with fewer products you now have fewer customers.Keeping 15 customers happy is much easier than keeping 15,000 customers happy. "If Selling High Ticket is So Good, Why Aren't More People Doing it?"A lot of people still shy away from selling high ticket items.Why is this?It comes down to a lot of things but one of the first issues is that they lack confidence.If you aren’t confident in your own ability to provide great value and if you don’t believe that anything you can create will be worth $2,000, then you might simply avoid trying to make anything for that value.People also tend to do this when selling services. Rather than go after the top clients and offer $2,000 for a web design, they aim for the lower end clients and charge $200.They make much more work for themselves and basically that’s because they undervalue themselves and they undervalue their time.Another reason that people don’t sell high ticket items is that they don’t know anything about it. They don’t realize that it’s an option and once they do consider it, they don’t really know how to go about it.There is a ton of information out there on how to set up your own ecommerce store, how to sell affiliate products and how to create ebooks to sell at $10 a pop. But there’s much less information on selling high ticket items.So how can you get started with your own high ticket business?I've written a guide on this exact subject so you can finally reap the benefits.Allow me to introduce you to...
High Ticket Authority:

How To Create, Package And Sell Your Own High Ticket Course And Attract High Paying Clients
High Ticket Authority + Gold Edition
Affiliate Marketing Excellence + Advanced Edition
Are you looking for a proven roadmap to making a lot of money online?Although there are all sorts of methods that you can use to make money online, many are difficult, require a lot of time and effort, or even require a substantial monetary investment.The big reason many people fail online is because they don’t make money fast enough……and they give up to build a REAL, online business, you need to get some BIG wins very quickly.The best way to do that is with affiliate marketing…Here’s why affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start making serious money online… regardless of marketing budget, online experience, or even general marketing experience…
Your Opportunity With 
Affiliate Marketing…With affiliate marketing, you can literally be in business TODAY.Here’s how it works…With affiliate marketing, you’re paid a commission when you make sales of someone else’s product. You simply pick a product, send some traffic, and get paid…Of course, that’s an overview of the process, but you can start making money quickly… and a lot of it…In fact, there are many affiliate marketers that make six figures and beyond EVERY single year.Here’s why…Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Way 
To Get Started Making Money Online… 
You can get started with affiliate marketing as soon as today.
You don’t have to do a bunch of market research or even create your own product or service… you get paid for promoting someone else’s product.Getting started is as easy as choosing a market and promoting it.Many affiliate programs pay commissions as high as 75%... that means, you’re often getting paid more than the product owner.
It’s easy to quickly scale up your income to $10,000 per month or beyond…So, if affiliate marketing is so easy, why isn’t everyone making 5 or 6 figures per month or beyond? To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing,
You MUST Consider… 
Finding the right affiliate products to promote.How to get approved for the affiliate offers that you want to promote.Getting everything setup the right way without wasting time and spinning your wheels.How to get online traffic easily and start promoting your first affiliate product while making a profit.Tracking everything so you know when to scale a campaign up and take it to the next level.Although the process of getting approved and setup to start making money with affiliate marketing is not that hard…
Affiliate Marketing Excellence + Advanced Edition
FBA Profit Mastery + Advanced Edition
Admit it – at some point in time, you have pondered on becoming the boss of your own successful business.And what better business than to sell products and goods via the Internet from the comfort of your home, all done with a few keystrokes and mouse clicks?Surely you’ve heard of Amazon, right? Why not go ahead and sell there? A lot of people buy and sell stuff on Amazon, so it’s a very nice place to start doing your online business.Let’s not forget as well – if you’ve dreamed of having this business, surely it’s nice to have someone else to do most of the work for you. Inventory, sales talk, and other business-related stuff, it’d be nice if these are taken care of by someone else while you go ahead and enjoy life.Sounds awesome, right?The problem is, if you’re just starting out, most often than not you’d need to do most of the work yourself. Most likely it’d take years before you finally achieve that success that you’ve always dreaming about and have someone else take care of the business for you. That is, if you don’t burn yourself out in the process.So why take the risk and start this kind of business if it’s just going to take a lot of work with no guarantee of success?If only there’s a way or something to guide you on successfully using Amazon for your business and boosting your business and income overall...Luckily for you, the answer is YES.I have an offer here which would be of great help to you and your venture with Amazon.
+Bonus:    Affiliate Contest Secrets     Learn How You Can Win Those Big Affiliate Contests Even If You Dont Have A Huge List…
FBA Profit Mastery + Advanced Edition
Instagram Marketing 2 Made Easy
Instagram is the hidden key to generate unlimited targeted traffic to boost sales and profits for your offers…
Welcome to the latest and very easy to apply Instagram Marketing Training,
designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting
the most out of Instagram.
I’m so excited to have you here, and I know this will be very helpful for you.
This exclusive training will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step,
topic by topic, and tool by tool, what you really need to know in order to
dominate Instagram Marketing the easiest way possible, using the most
effective tools and in the shortest time ever.
This is exactly what you are going to learn:
In Chapter I, you will learn what Instagram Marketing is all about. We will cover
topics like: What is it? Where does it come from? How can your offline business
benefit from it? How can you benefit from it as an Independent Professional?
and How can you make money with it as an online marketer?
In Chapter II, you will learn why you should definitely use Instagram for your
Business today. You will learn about some of its amazing benefits, as well as
several shocking facts that will make you decide to start getting into it right
In Chapter III, you will learn The Top Instagram Marketing Tools & Services that
you can use for your business. These are several tools dedicated to giving you
highly useful services for Instagram Marketing, so you can get the most out of it.
In Chapter IV, you will learn how you can get the most out of Instagram, Step by
Step. This chapter is dedicated to showing you, live, how to use every single tool
or service you need, so you can start getting positive results starting today.
In Chapter V, you will learn the 10 do’s you have to apply for Successful
Instagram Marketing. These are specific things you should remember to use or
practice, so you can succeed.
In Chapter VI, you will learn the 10 don’ts you have to avoid for Successful
Instagram Marketing. If you ignore these, be prepared to be disappointed.
In Chapter VII, you will learn Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies. These
strategies have been applied by experienced marketers obtaining awesome
results. Apply them yourself and watch how it can skyroket your business
In Chapter VIII, you will get the chance to look at several Shocking Instagram
Marketing Case Studies. These are actual examples we have taken from the
internet to show you how Instagram actually works for other businesses, so you
can have complete confidence in your ability to achieve your own business
success story.
Well, it’s time to dominate Instagram Marketing, fellows. I know you will love
this training.
To Your Success,

Instagram Marketing 2 Made Easy
Event Organizing Made Easy
How would you like to discover the effective methods to eliminate hassles and simplify your event organizing procedures?…

If you’re an event organizer yourself, this course will definitely enhance and simplify your current procedures to organize an event. For sure, this course is as easy as its title suggested! In case you’re a newbie, you will find this course coming in very handy for you! Inside this course, you will find the alternative route to achieve your successful event faster and simpler!Let’s take a look of what you will be learning through Event Organizing Made Easy: Planning Your Event (Seminar vs Workshop vs Exhibition format)
I will categorize event into 3 different types which are seminar, workshop and exhibition. Since organizing an event for different purposes will involve different working itinerary and planning, therefore you will learn how to plan these 3 types of events. How to Plan Your Behind-The-Scenes Logistics
It is to believe that this is the most troublesome part in planning stage. So, you will be guided on the proper way to arrange logistics effectively and cost saving. I have simplified the methods for you as easy as it can be. How to Pitch Your Event
In this module, I will guide you on how to pitch your event to the perfect tune to make sure that nothing will go wrong before, during and after the event. How to Sell Seats to Your Event
In this module, I will guide you on how to generate traffic and create public awareness regarding your event. Then only you will be able to sell your seats in large quantity and lead to a possible full house phenomenon! How to Attract Sponsors 
A successful event will need a lot of funding for an impactful effect. I will teach you how to attract sponsors with a large scale budget by using perfect proposal and promotional technique! Turning Your Event Fun and Profitable
Everyone loves a fun event! So, I will guide you on how to create an impactful effect to the audience and they would likely to attend more events organized by you! Also, while having some fun time, you will be able to profit massively from the event too!
Event Organizing Made Easy
Alibaba Profit System Advanced Edition
Here's a breakdown of this 12 part video series in more detail

In this video I’m going to give you an introduction of what Alibaba is and what are the pros and cons of using Alibaba. Setting Up Your Alibaba Account and Trade Assurance
Here I’ll walk you through the process of setting up your Alibaba account and also you’ll learn what Trade Assurance is and how important this is to you. Finding A Product To Sell
Learn in this video how to find products in Alibaba which you can sell and what information you should be looking for in a certain product. How To Reduce Your Risk As A Buyer
Discover how to determine which companies you should be dealing with on Alibaba and reduce the risk of getting yourself in a scam in this video. Getting Started Contacting Suppliers
In this video, learn what you should keep in mind when you contact potential suppliers and how to successfully negotiate with suppliers. Testing Your Samples
Know what you should and should not be doing with your samples and learn what you should look for when checking your products in this video. Moving Forward With An Order Once Your Sample Checks Out
Learn in this video how you can negotiate with your selected supplier once your sample checks out. Placing Your Order Using The Online Order Form From Alibaba
Know why always using the online order form from Alibaba is best for you when ordering from your chosen supplier in this video. Making Payment
In this video, learn important information about making payment through the Alibaba Secure Payment gateway and other payment-related stuff. Having Your Products Shipped
Learn in this video what you should do regarding having your products shipped to you. Discover what Amazon FBA is and what it means for you and your products. When Your Product Arrives
Know what are the things to do when your product arrives, like inspecting the products and recording the unboxing using video. Conclusion
This video is a wrap-up of the topics covered by this course.
Alibaba Profit System  Advanced Edition
Free Traffic X
Brand NEW Video Training Reveals The #1 Way to Get Unlimited Free TrafficUsing Secret Underground Tactics…

For any online business to succeed, it is important to have traffic to their website. Without traffic, there won’t be any visitors, customers or sales, which ultimately leads to failure. That is why it is so important to learn how to drive traffic where you want it to go. 

One of the best ways to get more traffic is to provide fresh, unique and useful content on the website where you want more traffic. This is often referred to as content marketing. What makes this so effective is that the majority of people go online looking for information about the products and services they are thinking about purchasing. 
Providing them with high quality, unique content on your website is like bait to lure them in and when it’s “really good” it keeps them interested. The nice thing about this method is that it works whether you are promoting your own website, your clients site or sending traffic to affiliate offers. 
Bottom line, content is the best way to attract real visitors and get them to spend more time on your website. It will inspire them to share, bookmark, and return often. With every visit, they get one-step closer to becoming a paying customer. It also helps boost your credibility because when you provide lots of useful information on your site it makes you look like an expert in your niche, which builds trust and trust converts people into customers better than anything else does. 
Optimize your website for search engines. In order for your site to be found on the search engines when people are looking for information, make sure that you use keywords and phrases in your headlines and throughout the rest of the content. This means that your site will show up and rank well when people search for those keywords and this will drive more traffic to your website. 
Participate in targeted forums and social networks. This is a very effective way to drive traffic to any website. Join in on the conversations, answer questions and post useful information that is closely related to your industry. Just be sure not to post blatant adverting because most of the time this will get your posts deleted. Again, make sure to include a link to your website whenever appropriate.  
Use viral marketing to drive traffic to your website. Write free ebooks or short reports with a link to your website as we briefly discussed in the last issue. Have a link to your website on your blog and on any press release that you write. These will all drive traffic to your website for a long time to come. 
Video marketing is a very popular way drive traffic to any website. You can create a video about your product or service that you offer on your website and post that on YouTube. Add your website link on that video, and this will make sure that people who view your video will also visit your website.

Free Traffic X
Zero-Cost Traffic Tactics
"Who Else Wants To Discover 10 Proven Methods To Generate Website Traffic Without Paying a Cent?..."In This Course, You'll Finally Find Out Easy-To-Implement Tactics To Generating a Ton of Free Traffic!
Getting traffic to your website seems like an impossible task if you don't have a huge budget to work with and a group of experts at your disposal.These days, launching a website means that you are competing with more companies than ever and getting traffic to your site is vital whether you are doing e-commerce or just creating a blog that you'd like people to read.So, what is a person with no budget, no SEO skills and no expert advice to do?

 You Can Get Free Traffic!There's really only two routes you can take when it comes to getting traffic:1) Pay for it2) Generate it for freePaying for traffic paying for pay-per-click campaigns such as AdWords and Facebook Ads, media buying, solo ads, exchanges and much more. If you don't know what you're doing, you could easily spend thousands of dollars without knowing it!ORYou can generate traffic using some proven methods that many internet marketers are using to generate a ton of targeted, free traffic to their websites.If you're just starting out, you most likely don't have a budget of a big business, so you're left with no choice but to find ways to attract new customers within budget first.I've written a guide sharing ways in which you can start generating website traffic without paying a single cent.

What you'll discover in this eBook:The first thing you’ll learn is the number one thing that you have to do before you take a single step towards getting traffic to your website. This thing must be accomplished or else all the traffic in the world won’t do any good.

You will learn a killer blogging technique that will allow you to get traffic by blogging a very specific way, and how you can make your readership numbers blow up.

You’ll learn how YouTube works and how it can help you to bring traffic to your website by researching how you’re going to label your YouTube videos. You’ll also learn some YouTube video creation techniques that will help you specifically with getting views on your YouTube videos and then funneling them towards your website.

You’ll learn a method for posting a link to your website multiple times a day where could potentially be seen by thousands or even tens of thousands of people, and it won’t cost you a single dime.

You’ll be able to see example emails that will help you approach people so that you can get traffic to your site from other, more popular websites.

You’ll learn how iTunes can help you turn your trickling website traffic into a huge flowing river of traffic by doing something regularly that is both fun and valuable for people in the same industry as you are.

By the end of this book, you will know how to approach another website or blog and get them to allow you to write a guest post and then put it on their website, in front of all of their visitors, with a link to your website as to drive traffic that way.

You’ll learn a method that will allow you to engage with a large group of people many of whom will want to visit your website when you’re all finished.

You’ll learn something new that you may not have known about social media and how you can take advantage of this particular feature so that you can establish yourself as an expert in your industry and be able to gain not only traffic to your website but also a huge amount of social media followers across multiple platforms.

You’ll learn what the name dropping method is – a revolutionary new method for getting some of the most influential people on the Internet to link directly to your website without even asking for a link, or anything else for that matter, in return.

You’ll also learn how to create a guide or report and make it go viraland then have it drive traffic directly back to your website without you spending a single dime. In fact, other people will distribute this report for you, all leading back to driving traffic to your website for free....and much, much more!
Zero-Cost Traffic Tactics
IM Business Models
Have you always wanted to be an internet marketer?Do you love the idea of being able to make money online from the comfort of your home?Would you get a real kick out of running your own business and being known as a successful entrepreneur across the web?A lot of people share this dream but unfortunately never do anything about it.One of the big reasons for this is that they don’t know how, or they don’t think they have the required skills to be a success.It’s daunting becoming an online marketer when you have no marketing skills and no experience working on the web! Making a Living Online is Truly Possible!I’m here to tell you that you can make money online and that you have all the skills you need already.How can I be sure? Simply because there are so many different methods available and business models for making money online.Don’t have any skill when it comes to writing sales copy or blog posts? No problem! You can still make money selling products on eBay or presenting videos on YouTube.Don’t have the time or money to create your own product? Then perhaps you’re better suited to becoming an affiliate or drop shipping."That's great, but how do I get started?"Thankfully, I've created a course detailing exactly that!Allow me to introduce you to...
IM Business Models:
8 Proven Online Businesses You Can Start Today
What you'll discover:
Blogging secrets revealed: How to start and run your own blog from scratch. From setting up your blog to knowing what to write about, this section will show you how.

eBay Marketing: eBay has been a reliable marketplace to sell all sorts of things. This chapter will give more insight into eBay marketing and what to sell.

Drop shipping: You too can make a living selling physical products -- all without the inventory! You'll find out how to open your "shop" and start selling.

How to get started in the "info-product business": The digital product route is profitable and you can very well tap into this billion-dollar niche!

How to get started selling software: It isn't as hard as you think. Dno't know how to program or code? No problem! Here's how to hire a programmer!

How to start your own subscription business: Find out how to start a membership site with a few basic website plug-ins. You can start generating recurring revenue from your very own membership site.

CPA Marketing: How to get into the lucrative "cost-per-action" business....and much, much more!
IM Business Models
Pin Your Way to Power
If I could show you how to create your own Pinterest business would you be interested?Just like most Internet Marketers, we are all trying to make more revenue from the web. The competition is tough we know this! Just when you seem to have that brainwave, that new idea which you think is going to make you a ton of money, but then discover someone else thought of it first and you feel deflated. Back to the drawing board it is. Never fear! There is a solution...Don't Hang Around! Make Money With the Power of PinningIf you’re a marketer and you’re not on Pinterest, then you’re missing out on one of the biggest and the most flexible/powerful platforms out there. Pinterest may not be quite as big as Facebook in terms of pure users but it’s actually not as far behind as you might think. What’s more, it has a ton of unique features that present excellent opportunities for the savvy marketer.These days, we need to take it one step further and use some cast iron techniques to earn that all important online income. Did you know getting started with Pinterest is really not as difficult as it may seem. Social media is here to stay, and it's time that you started cashing in on the benefits of Pinterest. It’s free, it’s easy and there are no so many ways to cash in on the pinning revolution. It's not all work work work either. Some of the techniques discussed inside can be implemented today for zero investment from you!Here Are Just Some of the Things You Will Learn With
"Pin Your Way to Power" Why is Pinterest so Powerful

 Pinning Basics 

 The Best Uses of Pinterest 

 How to Market With Pinterest 


 Implamenting Business

 Your Pin Plan

 And much, much more...The Truth is You Need Pin Your Way to Power to 
Become a Success!
Pin Your Way to Power
Building The Perfect Sales Funnel
If I could show you how to create your own sales funnels would you be interested?Did you know that out of every 100 enquiries, only 38% are typically converted into sales ready leads? Of these sales ready leads, merely 39% become qualified prospects, and of those only a measly 29% actually convert to actual sales? So this means that out of every 100 enquiries, only four are converted into sales. So, how do you give your business a new lifeline? How do you boost your leads and direct more of them to the cash register? If you have been wondering how to make your sales skyrocket, you’re about to discover the answer.Don't Hang Around! Take a Look at How you can Grow Your ProfitsSales Funnels in your online business are becoming more and more popular. It is no longer a case of creating a single online product and selling that product. Online business has now realized the potential of increased income with a sales funnel model. By add a successful sales funnel to your online business allows you o maximize the sales potential from each customer you have. Not just one sale, but multiple sales over and over again!Just who can resist an offer to make sales growth and add more revenue to your business back end?You need to take it one step further and use some cast iron techniques to earn that all important online income. Did you know that building an online sales funnel is really not as difficult as it may seem. By using some of the the simple but effective techniques in this eBook you can leverage more sales and create a larger income stream that ever before!There are so many ways to cash in on sales funnel creation and so many techniques involved. It's not all work work work either. Once you have implemented these techniques, they remain in-place generating on online income for as long as you run your business!Here Are Just Some of the Things You Will Learn With
"The Perfect Sales Funnel" Make your business more successful and sell products like hot cakes

 Get more people to be interested in what your business has to offer

 Get a higher Return on Investment from the sales process

 Get more sales opportunities

 Develop a manageable cost structure

 The Power of Joint Ventures 

 Social Media Profits 

 And much, much more...The Truth is You Need The Perfect Sales Funnel to 
Become a Success!
Building The Perfect Sales Funnel
List Building Secrets
Dear Friend,If you’re like most people these days, you know you WANT to own an “online” business that can make you RICH without having a JOB…
…BUT you really don’t know where to start, how it all works, or even who to ask!It can be overwhelming. But that’s where I come in.My name is [FULL NAME and TITLE], and a few years ago, I was just like you.I had a burning desire to start my own Internet-based business – because I knew I’d love it – and I was seeing people all around me getting RICH for doing almost nothing!I had to get a piece of that action!And so, after many years of ‘TRIAL AND ERROR’ and learning the hard way, I’ve finally decided to publish a book that TELLS IT ALL…And shows you how to do it the RIGHT WAY!My book will SAVE you months and months of research and “trial and error” frustration.The key lessons I learned are all laid out, in clear well-written American English.And basically, it’s all about…How To Make A Fortune
Building Profitable Customer Lists
Without Investing OR Risking A Dime!It’s true.Ask ANY Internet Marketing guru. They’ll tell you…The KEY to SUCCESS
Is the LIST!Well, if you don’t know how to build a list in the SMARTEST and most COST-EFFECTIVE manner possible, you simply CANNOT succeed in Internet Marketing.It’s ALL about the list.And it’s all about knowing HOW to generate a PROFITABLE list!!!Some people spend WAY too much money building a list – and they can NEVER get their money back!But if you read my new book on List Building for Internet Marketers, you’ll receive a fascinating combination of new and old list building tactics that have been working since 2010 – and are STILL working now, here in 2015.That means they’re PROVEN – not fly-by-night “gimmicks” that leave you flat when they die out.Now, to be clear: I'm going to only share what's working RIGHT NOW.In my book, I go into great detail on how the older tactics for list-building came about – and how they’re still being perfected TODAY.This is VERY important information if you’re SERIOUS about being a successful Internet Market.Again…It’s ALL about the LIST!You’ll learn not just the tactics themselves, but precisely which ones have built me the most subscribers.I also tell you the ones are working the best for me right now.
If you don’t GRAB the life-changing information in this book, shame on you!You must not be a serious Internet Marketer if you don’t comprehend the value of the LIST – and why you should be doing everything you can to get the BEST list at the LOWEST cost.What I’m revealing in my book is life-changing knowledge and information.In fact, it’s the most powerful information that I’ve ever come across online.And it all comes down to this…The first thing you need to know is that
business and making sales
depends on fresh lead flow.In fact, ideally, you need AT LEAST 250 new leads every single day.How do you GET those leads?That’s the subject of my book. And again, I go into great depth only on WHAT’S WORKING and what gives you “the best bang for the buck.”You’ll see that none of this has to be expensive. You just have to know what you’re doing, and spend your money AND YOUR TIME very wisely.I show you how to do both.I also give you insights that show you how to LEVERAGE your subscriber list and make TONS OF DEALS that increase your LIFETIME VALUE.All of these factors are part of the SUCCESS EQUATION that I reveal in my book.It’s a #-part “formula” that you MUST get right – or risk ending up on the rocks.Basically, I show you tons and tons of list building methods and strategies that will CATAPULT you from where you are to where you want to be.• I cover everything from Joint Ventures, Giveaways, Solo Ads, Ad Swamps, Click Banking, Pay Per View, Barter, Affiliates… you name it!Literally EVERYTHING you need to become a SUCCESS through Internet Marketing and List Building is covered in this book.And NOW is the time to ACT!NEW “Internet Millionaires” are being
minted every day!All you have to do is read the newspapers and magazines to see one person after another talking about how their online business is making MORE money than their “offline” biz!Isn’t it time YOU got a piece of that action – like I did?I’ll teach you EVERYTHING I learned the hard way – so that YOU can learn it the EASY way!The price? It’s very fair.You get ALL this for only $##.Plus, my book comes with a 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee… meaning you can try it out for 30 days and STILL get your money back if it doesn’t seem right for you!So click here to place your order RIGHT NOW, and you’ll soon be starting on your journey to SUCCESS at levels you’ve only DREAMED of before...
List Building Secrets
Affiliate Marketing Master Plan
With more than 20% of affiliate marketers each making over $50,000 a year, and well over half of those in the six figure bracket, the upside potential for a nice annual income looks quite promising for anyone who is looking for a new source of revenue. With Internet sales booming and more and more companies reaching out to attract affiliates, affiliate marketing is a great career choice with many benefits for those who jump on board. These companies want to pay you a lot of money to promote their services and products on your website. Not only does affiliate marketing offer the opportunity of a lifetime to succeed financially, but it is also fun to kick back and watch your business grow and prosper.

There are a variety of methods used by companies to market their products and services through an affiliate, two of which include cost per acquisition (CPA) and cost per click (CPC), but it is important to understand all of the positive and negative points about each. In addition, some business models accept affiliates directly while most opt to work through a major affiliate network. The key to successful affiliate marketing is to find the best revenue methods and affiliate models for your site in order to maximize your income. Affiliate marketing is a skill that requires the right knowledge to make it all fit together and work in an effective manner.

With Affiliate Marketing Masterplan, We Wil Show You How to Succeed

Our valuable eBook Affiliate Marketing Masterplan will enlighten your mind with all the tips and strategies of effectively starting up your own affiliate marketing business and kicking it into high gear. This eBook contains everything you need to know to become an overnight success story and start generating some cash with a real business that produces real results. Why waste time with useless enterprises that only offer a lot of meaningless hype? Jump aboard the affiliate marketing bandwagon and start reaping in your share of the wealth.

It is important to understand that Affiliate Marketing Masterplan is much more than just a book of basics. It also focuses on specific tried and proven methods from professional affiliate marketers, who have been there, done that, and are now reaping in their own cash from affiliate marketing. This book will walk you through all the crucial steps and cover all that you need to grasp for success. Begin treading the road to your own affiliate marketing empire today and start generating that income you need for a secure future!
Affiliate Marketing Master Plan
Streaming Profits Authority Gold
Internet marketing is constantly evolving and is in a state of permaflux.

Every time you think you’ve figured out all the angles and settled into a new routine, Google changes its algorithms or new technologies come along and throw everything back into disarray.

This is no bad thing however.

In reality, it’s this constant changing and unravelling that ensures there are always new ways to beat the competition and to get to the top of the pile.

Every time Google changes it’s algorithms, this reshuffling gives new websites the chance to climb to the top.

Likewise, every time a new technology comes along, it creates a whole new platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs to conquer before the big corporations get there with their advertising budgets.

Technology is the great enabler for internet marketers and where there’s innovation, there’s opportunity.

So What's The Latest Opportunity For Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Internet Marketers?

How can you get ahead of your competition right now and use your nimble agility to outmanoeuvre the bigger companies?

Right now, the platform that offers perhaps the most opportunity, is video streaming.

It’s a concept that has been around for a long time but only now is it starting to grow into its full potential thanks to innovative new apps and savvy new marketing strategies.

The big companies aren’t here yet, which means that

- internet marketers
- public figures
- speakers
- coaches and
- small business owners

...have an exciting opportunity to start making money through the platform.

It’s trendy, it’s hip and it has some unique features and possibilities that can help you to market your products in entirely new ways.

At the same time, it offers excellent ROI, being relatively simple to set up while still providing a lot of return.

What is The Difference Between Live Streaming Video And Video Marketing?

Of course the central concept behind live video streaming is fairly straightforward and simple to grasp: it simply involves streaming video footage live as opposed to pre-recording footage and uploading it.

This is a little like video conferencing then, except it’s only one way. Your audience can tune in to watch what’s going on and in doing so, they can gain live access to whatever you’re filming.

Facts You Should Know

Did you know that there are over 10,000,000 user accounts on Periscope?

And if you add up all the footage on that app, it comes to over 40 years of footage already. Not bad for a company that was only launched in March 2015, with just 23 employees!

That tells you that Periscope is already massive but also that it’s very much climbing. If it’s had that many new subscribers in that short amount of time, imagine how many it will have in a few years!

Certainly Twitter sees the potential of this platform; the company bought the app shortly after for the princely sum of $100 million. Twitter are generally pretty good at predicting market trends when it comes to social media…

Today Meerkat is in the top 100 apps in the App Store, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Facebook, Microsoft Office and Angry Birds.

Periscope has 2 million active users everyday, is enjoyed in 25 countries and is generally one of the most exciting up-and-coming platforms available. In its first month of launching, it was receiving over 60K Tweets daily.

And it’s not all about Periscope either. Meerkat actually launched around the same time and by the end of its first month it had 120,000 users.
The only question? Where can you learn about such a new marketing platform?

Thankfully, I have created a course on exactly that.

Allow me to introduce you to...
Streaming Profits Authority:
How To Use Live Video Streaming Platforms To Reach Thousands of Viewers And Build an Epic Brand!
Streaming Profits Authority Gold
Internet Marketing Secrets
Dear Friend,

This is NOT a joke.

If you’re thinking of becoming an Internet Marketer, I want to share some hot, fresh information with you that will PAY OFF BIG the moment you act on it!

Unless I miss my guess, right now you’re eagerly learning everything you need to know in order to make a SUCCESS of yourself through the enormous power of Internet Marketing.

You’ve seen the success stories. There are new – and BIGGER – ones EVERY DAY!

There is NO END to the upward potential of the Internet. And therefore, the world of Internet Marketing is just going to GROW and GROW and keep making MILLIONAIRES out of ordinary people like YOU who are lucky enough to DEVOUR this book…


Listen: There are MANY ways you can find your “pot of gold” through Internet Marketing. It’s not even funny.

This book will show you the KEY SECRETS that you MUST KNOW so you DON’T MAKE MISTAKES!

It reveals the FORMULA for Internet Marketing success. And you can’t get it anywhere else!

“Internet Marketing Secrets” is an incredibly comprehensive guide to internet marketing aimed at everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned pros. This is a 40,000 word+ masterpiece that offers a more complete marketing education than any other book on the subject. Every subject is covered in great depth and the wealth of free materials included is staggering.

To learn more about this masterful text and what you can expect, keep reading!

How do You Succeed in Internet Marketing?

Success in internet marketing means true financial freedom. The statistics tell us that thousands of people around the world are now making a full-time living from internet marketing to the tune of millions of dollars. And the amazing thing about that is that they’re making this kind of crazy money from home – or from beaches in every corner of the globe.

These people are pioneers. Never before has it been possible to reach such a huge audience, or to leverage such powerful tools to create such a large volume of work. This is the first time in history where you can earn an amazing living without having to set foot outside!

Of course such a big opportunity comes with a lot of hype and indeed there are a lot of people who make outrageous claims with regard to the possibilities of digital marketing and their magic ‘formula’ for success. But for every scam artist on Facebook, there are hundreds more genuinely successful digital marketers who have made their money and retired to a sunny island somewhere never to be heard of again.

This book is no get-rich-quick scheme and it’s no magic formula. And no one is promising that you will become a millionaire overnight. What this is, is a very detailed walk through of internet marketing that covers all the different techniques, tools, strategies and concepts that you need to know. And it contains a ton of secrets and ideas that only the very top players in this industry know about.

This book is an education. A very thorough education. And it contains knowledge, tips and ideas that can help you to skip the growing pains that so many prospective internet millionaires struggle with so that you can get straight to the good part – making lots of money.

What’s in the Book?

The book is broken down into chapters and sections like any other but it dives deep into each of the core aspects of internet marketing while providing invaluable insights that will show you exactly how to effectively apply the information therein.

Among other things, you will learn:

How to create a business model by understanding the key numbers that dictate the fortunes of any company
What being an internet marketer is actually like, what kind of person you need to be to succeed and what the ‘day-to-day’ work will involve
How to promote any website or other platform using SEO, PPC, social media marketing and content marketing
How to use advanced marketing techniques like CPA, influencer marketing and live video streaming
What it is that psychologically makes somebody click a link or share it
How to make anything sell with the right web design, the right sales pitch and the right pricing
How to find a route to market and connect it with the perfect content or the perfect product
How to create business models that let you do the work you love
How choosing the right niche can ultimately dictate your success or failure
The process of building and setting up a website
How to attract the eye of influencers, network, build relationships and thrive
And lots more…
Anyone Can Do it, You Just Need to Know How!
Internet Marketing Secrets
Losing to Win
Have you struggled with weight loss in the past?

Are you tired of trying new diets, only to regain the weight within weeks?

Believe it or not, losing weight is a simple task. You can do this!

The problem is that most people don't keep the weight off, or they impact their health.

As a society we have become more stressed, we are spending more time at work and less time doing physical activity.

This stress has impacted our diets meaning that we are reaching for something sweet and easy!

Now the thought of having to cook can be exhausting and you enter a vicious cycle of weight gain.

But it doesn't have to be that way. With the right steps you'll be able to discover how to reclaim your life.

Can You Imagine Losing Weight And Keeping It Off?

A lot of us say things like "I can't lose weight", but the truth is that losing weight is a simple formula of calories in versus calories out. However, losing weight sustainably and preventing relapse is the tough part!

You need to exercise more efficiently
Discover tools that can assist you in your journey
How to change your diet without impacting your life
Live a better life!

Why Are You Struggling With Weight-Loss?

Think about it. Sit down for a little moment and figure out what part it is that you're struggling with.

Maybe you struggle with finding the time to exercise? Or do you find that you don't have the money to afford healthier foods? Could you be eating more than you realize?

Weight loss has a number of different components, from diet and supplementation through to training and rest periods.

Sometimes it can seem confusing and can leave us feeling lost and unsure.

Modern day life has a lot of things to keep track of!
The good news is, there are plenty of great tools out there to assist you with your journey.

By taking the right steps towards a better future, you'll be able to eat more healthy, train harder and finally lose the pounds that you've been dreaming of.

Live a better life.

Allow me to introduce you to...
Losing To Win
Losing to Win
Branding Blueprint Conversions
Are you looking for a way to make your brand stand out? Do you feel that your product or service just doesn’t seem to stick in people’s minds? Are you wondering why other brands have more impact than others?

Or are you one of those people who think that brand doesn’t really play a big part in marketing your business?
Well, you will be surprised by how much branding plays a crucial role in the success of your business, first by attracting the RIGHT customers. Your branding alone sets up the stage for not just the buying mindset, but a setup for mutual relationship with your clients.
How do you get that INSTANT connection with your customers?
How do you gain the trust of someone you don’t know at all or have little connection with?
Instead of immediately spending thousands of dollars on social media and other advertising and marketing strategies, it is essential to first and foremost, develop proper branding strategy. Otherwise, your money will just go to waste.
You would notice that every successful business out there has that particular branding that we immediately associate something with. As soon as you hear its name, you relate it with either a particular service, name, person, or reputation – you name it. That’s because they are able to capture people’s attention. That’s because they’ve mastered how to create the right branding.
How do they do it?
There is actually a process to it, and you will learn about it in this video course.
In this particular video course, you will learn how you can boost your brand with this step-by-step blueprint that is designed to magnetize customers, and get them where you want them to be – in a mindset tailored to seeing you as a solution to their problems. That’s the bottom line.


Branding Blueprint Conversions
Branding Blueprint Conversions
Fast Cash Mechanics + Advanced Edition
If you've ever wanted to make money online, but you still feel lost, frustrated… and unsure of what to do…. then this will the most exciting letter you’ll ever read…
If you’re like me, then you’ve probably…
Lost a ton of money trying to learn every “make money online’’ program under the sun
Become sick and tired and tired of the ‘’gurus’’ who tell everyone how easy it is to "get rich overnight" especially when you've been trying for years with little or no results!
Bottom line is this: If you've tried to make money on the internet before ... but failed miserably – believe me, I get it
I’ve been there and done that, over and over again
And just like you, I’ve lost a ton of money in the process…
You see, there’s just so much confusing and misleading information out there.
Maybe you do your very best to keep moving forward…
So you keep buying all those latest money-making programs… but soon find yourself back at square one again.
And STILL broke
Maybe you’ve tried hard to make money online, but you find yourself confused, frustrated, and unsure of what to do
And maybe you feel like no matter how hard you try… you’re just never going to figure out how to make a fulltime income from your online business.
Does any of this sound familiar?
Well, Don’t Feel Bad - You’re Not Alone...
When I first started out online, I was an absolute internet marketing newbie who lost thousands of dollars as I attempted to create a successful internet business.
Like most, I fell for scams like getting paid to click, getting paid to take surveys, and eventually I discovered the internet marketing ‘’gooros’’
These guys had courses that promised the moon, but in the end, I ended up deeper in debt and hot even more confused about how to make money online
Then One Day, It All Changed For ME
I came across this report by a well known IM marketer that completely changed my life
This little report detailed how anyone who had half a brain could make quick cash online without any special skills.
The concept seemed so simple and enough, and BOY, I was in dire need of cash so I actually tried it out, but…
What Happened Next Blew My Mind
To my absolute amazement, the first time I implemented this method I made instant cash within a week.
It was an absolute shock.
I had never made this much money in that very short amount of time.
So after that, I implemented another method, and ever since then, my Paypal account has never stopped smiling
Over a very short period of time, not only have I been able to create emergency cash on a daily basis, I’ve also built a very profitable business that never stopped paying me.
Fast Cash Mechanics + Advanced Edition
Social Media Superstar
What if you could reach thousands of new customers without ridiculous advertising costs?

Imagine generating new leads every minute of the day without struggling.

This can all be done thanks to today's powerful social media sites.

Why Social Media?

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are the new trend of the internet. It opened new possibilities to communication and it improved the way people connect and share.

Think of it as an online ground where people can meet and interact electronically.

But as you know, business thrives where people thrives. And having realized the large number of people that login to social media sites on a daily basis, internet marketers found a new marketing channel for their online businesses.

Thanks to social media sites, staying updated with what is going on with the people we know became a lot easier.

It is so much more convenient.

Social Media Can Bring You More Business

Today, social media sites are no longer just an ingenious way for people to meet, connect and share. It is now also one of the most powerful advertising tools which businessmen can use to connect to their targeted market niche.

However, it is noteworthy that social media marketing is like a double-edged sword – it is something that needs to be wielded correctly.

In the hands of a skilled marketer, it is an effective sales tool. But in the hands of an amateur, it can turn success into demise.

So to help you avoid the pitfalls of social media marketing, I've put together a guide that's packed full of tips on social media sites.

Social Media Superstar!
Social Media Superstar
Social Media Domination Gold
Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful tool and these days it is one of the single biggest factors that a marketer can use to build their digital empire.

In fact, social media is often what really makes the difference between having a website and having such an ‘empire’.

A website on its own can make you money and it can promote your business – but it takes more than that to build a brand and to have that ubiquitous presence that can help you to drive the maximum amount of traffic to your monetization systems.

Social Media Does More Than Build Brand Awareness

The first thing to recognize about your social media efforts is that your objectives should go beyond simply getting more people to follow you and to see your brand.

Here are just some of the things you can do once you’ve learned to master your social media presence…

Get Feedback and Survey Your Audience
Networking and Influencer Marketing
Contact Management
In-House Communication
Leads and Direct Sales
Enhancing Your Service
These are some examples of how social networks can be used as more than just a means to improve brand visibility.

Social Media Facts You Should Know

66% of marketers believe that social media is a core part of their business (Salesforce), with 92% of respondents describing it as ‘important’ (Social Media Examiner).

38% of companies are looking to increase their spend in this area. 66% of businesses have a dedicated social media team according to Salesforce.

But unfortunately, despite this ubiquity of social media marketing, many of these companies are not actually getting the very most out of their marketing efforts.

Many social media marketers simply don’t know how to allocate their resources with regards to social media and the result is that they often aren’t getting anywhere near the increase in profits and brand awareness that they could be from it.

So how do you get real results from social media?

Thankfully, I have create a course on exactly that.

Allow me to introduce you to...
Social Media Domination Gold:
How To Set Yourself Up For Success On The Top Social Media Platforms And Build An Audience That Loves Your Brands!
Social Media Domination Gold
Sales Video Formula 2.0 Video Course

Dear Friend,

Struggling to get sales? Frustrated of seeing low conversions? And are you so fed up you wish there's an easy way to sell your products?

If you've answered 'YES' to all these, you might want to reconsider how you've been selling your offer.

How would you like to know how to skyrocket your sales, boost your conversions and pull in leads with hypnotic video messages?

You will discover a systematic approach to DOUBLING or even TRIPLING your conversions... often with just simple tweaks and changes!

And you won't necessarily need amazing video making or editing skills to make that happen.

You may have seen and studied the best selling products on marketplaces like ClickBank and JVZoo. The top selling products that gross high 6 and 7 figures usually feature nothing more than a sales video or a hybrid of video and sales page like the one you're seeing right now.

Despite the differences all these video sales letters have, more often they follow a pattern.



One that when obeyed, will produce STELLAR results.

Or break them at the risk of seeing mediocre sales.

You can have the best product in the world but it won't mean much if you're not able to sell it.

And no amount of fancy video editing or 'fun facts' can replace a solid presentation that is designed to SELL.

Did You Know? it's also worth mentioning that last I checked, more than 80% of the top 10 bestsellers in each Category on ClickBank use the Video Sales Letter - or VSL - approach.

That's saying something about the importance of using video as a major tool in your sales pitch.

I'm not suggesting that written sales copies are a relic of the past, but if you want a surefire way to:

•Engage your potential customers,

•Set yourself apart from your competitors who are not doing it

•And dominate the marketplace instead of just surviving...

You owe it to yourself to get this - this is the make or break... Convert your traffic or drive them away from your site!

This is the culmination of my efforts after researching hundreds of high converting VSLs across multiple hot niches.

From Self Help and Business to Health, Dating, Forex, Investing...

I found that despite being in various fields, all the top performing sales videos follow a specific formula.

And you are about to discover the same EXACT, step-by-step secrets to churn out your own VSL that's going to suck in sales like a vacuum on steroids!

Sales Video Formula 2.0 Video Course
Sales Video Assets
Get Master Resell AND PLR Rights To This Monster Marketing Suite Of 300+ Video Assets… For Less Than The Price Of A Meal For Two In A Cheap Restaurant

Claim Your 75% Off Launch Discount Now! Very Limited Time Offer $67.00 $17.00 $7.00

This Is a Special Licensing Opportunity To Grab This “Business-In-A-Box” Product Based On Tested and Proven Profitable Niches (Along with FULL Master Resell AND PLR Rights)… And Sell It As Tour Own Readymade Product.

If you want a proven shortcut to the quickest and easiest cash generating method available today, then this will be the most exciting letter you’ve ever read.


The best way to grow an online business in the shortest possible time is by selling products with Master Resell and PLR rights, due to the high value of these products…

…However the time, expense and frustration of creating them yourself is why most marketers fail to even get started with this method.

I’m sure you’ll agree if you’ve spent any time at all struggling to come up with profitable ideas, researching the marketplace and then attempting to make your own product… that it’s time consuming, brain wracking and damn right frustrating…

…as you attempt to put all the pieces together to make it all work.

How many times have you started a project, only to give up a few weeks later due to lack of time, money or simply too much going on in your life to keep up the momentum?

Even if you do come up with a great idea and go through the painful, time consuming and costly process of completing it all, it can be soul destroying to see that a nearly identical product was released two days ago by a Top Guru marketer and has already sold over 2000 copies… along with a pack of killer bonuses you can’t even compete with.

AND… Frustratingly, Every JV you approach is “Locked In” to promoting that product and shows complete disinterest in you when you try to contact them to promote yours.

Believe it or not, with 10 to 15 IM products being launched daily… this is not an uncommon occurrence.

So you’re back to the drawing board again feeling frustrated jaded and like you’ll just never succeed at this Internet Marketing thing.

And to make it worse… your product ends up just sitting on your hard drive gathering dust, starting you in the face every time you boot up your computer, reminding you of your failure.

Soul destroying or what!

What if I told you that you don’t need spend countless hours working or to shell out painful amounts money to get your own Resell Rights product to sell so you can start to rake in the profits right now?

Sales Video Assets
Traffic Flow
All of us want to boost our sales, right?

But surveys show that the most commonly reported problem business owners face is driving traffic to their websites.

They are confident in their product, and the website itself is primed to convert. But without traffic, it's all meaningless.

Experts want you to believe that driving traffic is something that only they understand, when in reality there are countless different methods that anyone can use to get more traffic today!
Skyrocket Your Traffic

Running a website can be one of the most profitable ventures, trust me! You have extremely low costs and the potential revenue is huge. Once you've learnt how to properly drive traffic, you have access to billions of potential site viewers, who you just need to direct to your site.

Anyone Can Learn How To Drive Traffic!

Just like any skill, with the right guidance and the correct knowledge anyone can become a master. Practice makes perfect, but the best part is that in this game when you practice you're still earning money!

The internet itself is called the world wide web for a reason, every page is connected like a web. This means that anyone can travel from any point on the web to your site. If you can produce a connection then you can funnel some of that traffic. It's taken me and many others countless attempts to hone our skills and sales copy in order to have the ability to drive traffic from anywhere to any website we want.

I don't want you to have to go through the trail and error that I did.
....which is why I put together a guide to share my tips to driving HUGE traffic.

Introducing... Traffic Flow
Traffic Flow
Periscope Marketing Mastery + Advanced Edition
Periscope Marketing Mastery + Advanced Edition

When the subject of internet business or otherwise termed as online business is mentioned two dominant elements should be considered…

I assume that since you’re here, you’ve been looking for a way to boost your business further using the Internet.

Or maybe you want to know how to engage your customers better.

Well, whatever the reason is, the fact remains that nowadays there are lots of ways to engage your customer online. Social media platforms make it even easier for an online marketer to reach out to a multitude of people and engage with the desired audience.

With so much to choose from, which would you take?

There are lots out there: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and so much more.

I’d say you go for Periscope.

What, never heard of it before? You might be thinking like this in the next few moments:

‘Why Periscope?’

‘Why didn’t you recommend one of the well-known social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook?’

‘How can I be confident in your recommendation if I haven’t heard of it before?’

‘Is this a joke?’

I tell you now – no, this isn’t a joke. And yes, you read that correctly.

Go for Periscope.

Now, before you go ahead and stop reading this, please allow me to enlighten you.

There’s a big difference with Periscope among the other, more well-known social media sites.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, Periscope allows you to do live streaming.

That’s right – live streaming.

Unlike the posts, tweets or videos in Youtube – all of which are recorded information and have been thought out beforehand – Periscope lets you stream videos live to your audience.

And why is live streaming better than tweets, posts, and recorded videos?

That’s because it’s more genuine. More honest. Once you start, you can’t stop till you finish streaming the video.

And this is exactly what makes Periscope the hottest thing regarding online marketing.

Think about it.

People feel more connected when they are experiencing or viewing a live event, right? Hence you can engage more with your target audience and give them that ‘connected’ feeling.

Going back to marketing, the next question in your mind might be – what does this have to do with marketing?

Well, let me lay it out for you. You can use live streaming for:

product releases

product reviews

Q-and-A sessions, updates


and many more

And take note - there’s no room for mistakes when doing a live stream as it is live, so the target audience feels it’s a more genuine and honest way of doing things. It brings a more positive view to your business as a whole, if done right.

In short, if you can just do the right marketing via Periscope, you’d be giving your business a huge boost!

This would then equal to more sales, and more sales mean more income.

Seeing the nice, big picture now?

As enticing as that sounds, you might be wondering at this point:

‘But I don’t know how to use Periscope. How can I use it for marketing if I don’t know how to use it at all?’

‘Is there actually a guide out there which can help me do marketing on Periscope?’

The answer is YES.
Periscope Marketing Mastery + Advanced Edition
Niche Authority
Choosing The Right Niche Can Either Make Or Break Your Success

Now you might be wondering why the best niche is even a question. Isn’t it just a matter of looking at which niche is the most successful in terms of traffic and then picking that one?

There are many factors besides just traffic volume that are vital to consider.

More to the point though, even if you did just go with the most ‘popular’ topic, you would likely find this isn’t as clear cut as it should be either.

Why? Well apart from anything else, many sites aren’t so clear cut in their niche to begin with.

If you look at the most successful blogs across all niches then you have things like The Huffington Post, Boing Boing, Techcrunch and Kottle…

The biggest blogs aren’t necessarily in the most popular niches when you look at volume across all of the web and many bloggers don’t openly share their traffic stats anyway.

Looking at a survey conducted through Warrior Forum, popular blog topics appear to include the ‘making money niche’, the ‘health’ niche, the ‘dating’ niche and the ‘betting niche’.

But while the stats may not paint a clear picture of the ‘most popular niches’ what we keep repeatedly seeing in regards to this topic is just how important the choice of niche is to your eventual success.

Discover How To Find Hot Niche Markets Using These Proven Methods So You Can Almost Guarantee You’ll Dominate The Niche You Choose. In This Course, You’ll Discover The Steps, Methods And Techniques To Finding Your Niche And Dominating It…
Niche Authority
Blog Authority
Discover How To Start Your Very Own Blog For Profit And Build a Raving Community of Blog Readers! In This Special Guide, You’ll Find The Steps To Becoming a Successful Blogger…

Tired of not seeing any results in your business?

Fed up with no website visitors?

Feel like you've tried everything you can to succeed online?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you are missing out on one important piece of the puzzle...

That is: a blog!

Why Start a Blog?

You've heard of all the success stories going around about people who started from nothing and gained fame overnight.

These people have built a strong community of followers and readers.

But the question is, why should YOU start a blog?

Perhaps these shocking statistics will convince you:
•Marketers who rely on their blogs make 13X more money than those that don’t.

•Companies with blogs receive 97% more links inbound to their website.

•Blogs are the 5th most trusted source of accurate information online!

•81% of consumers trust information they get from blogs

•Well over 150 million people in the US alone read blogs regularly

•23% of internet time is spent on blogs

•61% of US customers have made purchases through blogs

•It is generally thought that content marketing – AKA blogging – is now more powerful than pure SEO

As you can see then, blogging is very much a force to be reckoned with and there’s more than enough here to go around. Time to get a piece of the pie!

Why isn't Everyone Doing it?

The answer is simply that most people don't know how to get started!

"What topic should my blog be about?"

"What length should each blog post be?"

"What if I don't get any readers?"

"How do I install a blog?"

"Which blog platform should I use? Wordpress, Drupal?"

All these questions are valid and I'm here to help you answer them!

What Are The Benefits of Blogging?
• As a blogger, you’ll be able to earn passive income which means that your money will flow in even as you’re sleeping, travelling or relaxing with friends.

•You’re no long trading time for income and this is the point you need to get to if you want to really be free and financially independent (even being self-employed with clients is still pretty much like having a job).

•What’s more, blogging means you get to earn that money by writing on a topic that you find fascinating and you even get to become something of a minor celebrity in your chosen niche.

•You can earn a lot of money here too – if a blog takes off and becomes really successful then in theory you can earn thousands a day. It’s incredibly scalable and there’s no ‘upper limit’ for what you can achieve.

The good news is, I've put together a course that you can follow so that you can get started blogging!

Allow me to introduce you to...

Blog Authority:
A Simple Step-By-Step Guide On How To Blog For Profit And Build a Raving Community!
Blog Authority
The Amazon Income Guide
Since you’re here reading this, you’ve likely already heard about how you can make money with Amazon Affiliate Program. Perhaps you have already created your own website and hosted it in hopes of making some good coin with Amazon Affiliate Program. If you are unsure exactly how to do that, you aren’t alone. Here are some steps to get you started.

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or been around for some time. If you find yourself struggling, you have just landed at the right place, because by the time you are finished reading this article, you will be ready to maximize your income with the right affiliate program. It is time you learned why Amazon Affiliate Program is better than the others.

The first thing you need to understand is that there is no such thing as success as an online marketer through luck. It doesn’t just happen for some and not happen for others. It comes from hard work and understanding what makes it work, and Amazon Affiliate Program is certainly one that is worth understanding. Why Amazon Affiliate better than others?

1. You do not need to pre-sell. There is a lot less skepticism from your visitors when they are looking at buying physical products over digital products. That’s because with digital products you really don’t know what you are getting until after you make the purchase, where as with physical products you know what it is you are buying in all aspects. Physical goods are also more popular because the product is tangible – you can feel it, touch it, see it, and hear it. It will stimulate all four of your senses in a way digital products can't.

2. There is zero saturation. You’ve probably heard the stories yourself about products that are ‘over sold online’ to a group that is marketed to, such as with how to make money programs. When you are selling Amazon products, you do not have to ever worry about too much competition because it does not exist. Tens of thousands of a single product can be sold every year, and you do not have to be concerned with any one marketer cornering the market.

3. You do not have to do a lot of selling yourself. Most of the Amazon products sell themselves. You do not have to work hard at selling like you do with digital products. For example, you don’t need a sales page and you don’t need to become best buds with all the top marketers.
There you have it - three excellent reasons why Amazon Affiliate Program is better than many of the others on the market. Amazon provides you with an opportunity to build yourself an excellent income source with reputable products that are readily available.
The Amazon Income Guide