Pincha Workshop

90 minute workshop we learn to master our forearm balance by creating skills and teaching us how to take control. 

Pincha Mayurasana or Forearm balance is a tricky pose to become accomplished in. This workshop will provide you with the key postures and techniques to work with in order to make progress in this amazing posture.This workshop will focus on the fabulous Pincha Mayurasanaa. This is one pose that takes not only strength and flexibility but continued practice and dedication.
- Detailed anatomical alignment
-Building the courage & finding confidence and learning to fall with grace and safely. 
- Strength & flexibility training
-Powering up concentration by body awareness

I am so excited for this, I’ve wanted to do a workshop on this as I find learning like this is the best way for you to absorb information and have fun! This workshop is for all levels, even beginners!