Four Weeks To Splits

Do you want to get into splits or increase your flexibility? I got you! You will receive an 80 page splits bible & over 14 videos! This course will be intense and I will need your full dedication throughout, but don’t worry I will be with you every step of the way. Increasing your flexibility daily will help improve your movement and the more chance of you achieving the splits.

You will need either blocks, straps and cushions for this course ( or anything you can use as substitutes) 

This course is designed for all levels, even if you are a beginner. The splits challenge has been especially designed for complete beginners, so take all the time you need to reach your goal. Even if you are a little bit more advanced, make sure you do complete the warm up and each step daily to keep yourself injury free.

In this plan you will stretch your muscles and loosen your hips leaving you closer and closer to touching the floor each time. Sadly I can’t be with you in person, so please recognise your limits and do not push yourself too hard in the beginning and cause injury so you can’t complete the course.

Be patient with yourself, it won’t happen over night. Be kind with your body.

Even though I am with you each step of the way I cannot force you to put the effort in, that’s on you!

So let’s do this guys, let’s unlock our bodies and get us feeling unbelievably flexible. It doesn’t matter what your age, weight and circumstances are, you can ALL achieve this. !!