Wealth Journey™ e-Book (ISBN: 978-0-9946591-3-2)

In Wealth Journey™, an original model describing the dimensions of wealth and its creation from a psychological perspective, you will:

                   Discover the 9 Levels of Wealth Consciousness
                              Confront the 9 Wealth Challenges
                                Overcome the 9 Wealth Detours
                       Discover the 11 Secrets of Wealth Creation

In Wealth Journey™ we explore the dimensions of wealth consciousness not only in relation to ‘where you are’; ‘where you’re going’; and ‘how to get there’; but also in terms of ‘why you are still not there’; and most importantly, ‘what to do once you are there’. Or, in the words of that chapter “Living the 9 ‘I’s of wealth’

A truly wealth-expanding adventure, no matter where you are along the road to wealth!

Kiki Theo is a Wealth Catalyst. An innovative entrepreneur, she combines an extensive business background including over a decade in her own fund management company, with her lifelong study and practice of metaphysics, mindfulness, and Jungian psychology.

A wealth expansion expert, Kiki is the author of Money Alchemy and numerous holistic wealth training books, the creator of Money Energetics® processing and the founder of Kiki Theo Wealth Training Institute.

Kiki’s unusual style of inspiration, down-to-earth directness, quirkiness and business savvy have earned her a strong following of entrepreneurs worldwide, who credit her as the catalyst for their ongoing success.

Total pages: 275
ISBN: 978-0-9946591-3-2

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