Judging and Touching "The Untouchables"

"Do not judge me!" This blanket statement represents the political correctness of our day. During these last days we live in a weak, spineless, unethical society that tolerates and makes accommodations for almost anything. Many people would rather compromise truth for the sake of evading controversy. We're all supposed to just love one another and be united together in camaraderie. And those who express strong views that rock the boat of today's immoral policies of appeasement, are labeled as "judgmental", "divisive" and "unloving".

Unfortunately, this wicked, reprehensible line of thinking is very prevalent within many of today's churches. Many people do not take kindly to an evaluation of their "pastor’s" doctrines. When false teachers are dauntlessly interrogated by those who are proficient in sound biblical exegesis, they resort to a variety of tactics to avoid exposure of their erroneous teachings. One such stratagem involves the inappropriate use of Psalm 105:15 ("Do not touch My anointed …") and Matthew 7:1 ("Judge not ....").  The goal of this publication is to address the purposeful misapplication of these verses and gain a more accurate understanding of the right and wrong kinds of judging.