A Closer Look at Tithing

Tithing has now become so thoroughly entrenched in the vast majority of Christian churches that it is popularly accepted as a foundational truth without a careful study of the biblical and historical facts. 

​This informative publication takes an in-depth look at many of the common misunderstandings about tithing. With theological precision, it will be shown that there are some dramatic distinctions between Old Testament tithing laws and today's tithing principles that are taught in our modern churches. We will examine the historical facts about tithing; the practice of tithing before the Mosaic Law; tithing during the law; whether tithing was enforced after the establishment of the new covenant, and much more. It will be proven that the indoctrination of monetary tithing as a law or guideline has no legitimate standing within the new covenant church.

As you study along, I highly encourage you to brush aside any preconceptions … and like the Bereans, carefully weigh the evidence and verify scripture in context. Many of you will be staggered beyond your imaginations by the routine omission of key historical and biblical facts by numerous leaders in the church. It will become evident that tithing as taught today is misleading and fraudulent.