FORBIDDEN LUST, Tainted Love 2_By Christine Gray

“I get the feeling that my age makes you uncomfortable.”

“Not uncomfortable,” she corrected with a finger raised. “I don’t want to be disappointed.”

“A test, then,” he suggested, laying the paper down on the glossy tabletop. He unbuttoned the buttons of his suit and leaned over in his chair towards Sarodj. “Let me kiss you…if you get wet, you're mine.”

Fabrizio reached out, seized her chair to slide her over. Eyes locked, he lowered his head. 
“Open your mouth.”

That was the word that vibrated through her mind at the touch of his lips. Hell is what she felt knowing that a kiss was all she was going to be getting. At first contact, the softness of his lips registered. Next, was the mint flavor of his mouth. Third, was the way he quickly deepened the kiss. She was gone after that.

With Mateo and Carmella in hiding to stay alive, Fabrizio has willing offered his help to get to the truth surrounding Raff's disappearance. Or is it his desire to taste the sweetness of Raff's young wife, Sarodj? He's going to enjoy beating the answer out of her, one stroke at a time!


“I’m not going to suffer a life without you Carmella,” he whispered. “I fucked up. You…fucked up. We both used, hid things, lied, but it’s all forgivable. I want you. Do you understand?”

He messed up. She messed up. In a marriage full of lies, secrets, and a burning lust that was the glue that kept them together, Mateo is willing to risk it all to create something more and lasting. The question is, IF he obtains it, IF Carmella is willing, will FATE strip it all away?