Frost Moons and Golden Apples

“I could claim you here, right now, as is my right as your Mate,” Nikolai said.

“I would hate you for it,” Alexandra spoke again.
His heat intensified through her body and she couldn’t suppress the small whimper escaping her lips. She wanted to give in to him, kiss him senseless and have him fuck her against the wall just to alleviate the heavy ache between her thighs that’d started from the moment she entered the ballroom.

Alexandra Trask is a wolf-shifter mated to Nikolai Rurikovich, Alpha of the CyrillicMoon Pack. However, a curse cast long ago by an angry Vanir witch alters Alexandra and with it her destiny. She has no choice but to reject, Nikolai, her True Mate on sight in favor of Kirill, a Vampire and Vanir-god. If left unchecked, her union to Kirill will reignite the First War between the Vanir-gods of Vanaheim and the Aesir-gods of Asgard.

Alexandra and Nikolai must reverse the Vanir curse and fall in love before the November Frost Moon. Unfortunately, with the curse blocking Alexandra’s and Nikolai’s emotions and transforming any feelings of attraction into antipathy and anger, falling in love in ten days is easier said than done.