Courting The Mafia by, A. Haze

Soledad St. Mark was absolutely convinced her life was dead-end.

Vincenzo d'Fiore was absolutely convinced that he had lost the thing that mattered most to him, many years ago.
An encounter of pure fate, one late evening, throws Soledad into the world that she never knew existed of gangs, blood. Vincenzo, resolved to protect this naive, yet entrancing young woman, goes on the warpath to hunt down all those who hurt her. In his attempt to unravel a mystery seven years in the making, the two come together. It's a bond that is destined to be, yet slow moving and hampered by the years of abuse that Soledad has endured.

The protection of her knight in a black suit can only go so far. Soledad must become a woman of steel or fall to her enemies, who bay for her blood.