Acing the Machine Learning Interview

The Machine Learning Engineering interview is brutally difficult.  Start preparing now. 

Who is the book for? 

  • Anyone preparing for a real-world job interview in machine learning. 
  • Novice learners new to this space who want to understand what to learn for the real-world.  You can use this book as a template for what you'll need to learn in the applied space.
  • Hiring managers. Machine learning engineers are highly technical programmers. You'll need to know the right questions to ask them ascrtain their skills. 
  • Students of applied machine learning that need to get a head start preparing for real-world interviews in machine learning. 

In the real-world the only two things that separate you from the next person are experience and knowledge.  With this book I gurantee you'll be more prepared for than the majority of the other candidates you are up against.