Do feel like you need more confidence these days? When we are feeling confident we are feeling great and optimistic! We have no doubt in our mind we can achieve our goals. You will love this recording! If your self esteem needs alittle boost, by the time you are done listening to this you will feel on top of the world and feel like superman! The power of Hypnotherapy and powerful suggestions, can help you! This state of the art recording contains binuaral beats, solfeggio tones, alpha isochronic tones created by Darren Goodheart along with Dr Druanna Johnston's soothing hypnotic voice. This technology if listened daily for 21 days will help your confidence improve. Please do not listen to this in a moving vehicle or while operating machinary. This mp3 is copyright © by Dr Druanna Johnston™. 

You receive an Instant Download after payment.

If you would like custom made Hypnotherapy recording for you please contact Darren at [email protected]