Amazing Memory EmPowering MP3

Amazing Memory is a Self Empowering MP3 with Subliminal Affirmations with a Ocean Night Background. This will help you to remember the important things in life.
For best results, Play on loop during sleep at a comfortable level and play in background during your daily routine where able.

I remember everything I need to
I retain all necessary information
I command my ability to remember events
I remember my past
I let memories come naturally
I absorb knowledge freely
I share my memories wisely
I remember information accurately
I always remember things
I remember everything when I need to
My memory is powerful
I recall information easily and accurately
My memory is infinite
I use my memories to make informed decisions
I remember what I want to
I trust my memory completely
My memory improves every day
I am calm when remembering things
I recall things quickly
I share my memories wisely