Rocketing Your Self Esteem Subliminal Empowering MP3

  • Do you have trouble feeling proud of yourself?
  • Do you often feel that you are inadequate, no matter how much you achieve? 
  • Do you find yourself avoiding social situations where you have to interact with others?
  • Do you feel that you will never be good enough?
  • Do you wonder how others are able to be satisfied and proud of what they have?
If you answered YES to any (or all) of the above, the good news is this. You can easily get rid of all those negative aspects of your life with "Rocketing Your Self Esteem" which is a 30 minute Self Empowering MP3 with Subliminal Affirmations with a Ocean Night Background. This will have you feeling fantastic and on top of the world, having that feeling ready to accomplish anything you desire.

For best results, Every night Play on loop during sleep at a comfortable level and play in background during your daily routine where able.

I am confident in myself
I can do anything
I am very proud of myself
My self-esteem is very high
I am worth being alive
I have eternal confidence in myself
My self-esteem is infinite
I am limitless in my abilities
I attain everything I want
My self-esteem increases every day
I accept myself wholly
I accept every aspect of myself
I cherish what I say
I cherish what I do
I cherish what I believe
I love myself wholly
I believe in myself
I know who I am
I know my abilities
I speak positively of myself
I think positive thoughts of myself
I listen to my dreams
I follow my dreams
I attain my dreams
I am happy attaining my dreams