Improve Your Eyesight Subliminal Empowering MP3

  • Do you have trouble looking at objects further away ?
  • Do you often have dry eyes?
  • Do your eyes feel tired the moment you open them in the morning?
  • Do you wonder how you get get rid of your ugly looking spectacles?
  • Do you find it hard to look for a needle or small object you drop on the ground?
  • Do you wonder you can improve your eyesight without going for costly surgeries? 
If you answered YES to any (or all) of the above, the good news is this. You can easily get rid of all those negative aspects of your life.

"Improve Your Eyesight" is a 30 minute Self Empowering MP3 with Subliminal Affirmations with a Ocean Night Background. This MP3 is for those that have poor eyesight and wish improve it.

For best results, Every night Play on loop during sleep at a comfortable level and play in background during your daily routine where able.