Weight Loss Subliminal Empowering MP3

Weight Loss  is a 30 minute Self Empowering MP3 with Subliminal Affirmations with a Ocean Night Background. This MP3 helps you with the mindset for careful eating and exercising to be the perfect size.
For best results, Play on loop during sleep at a comfortable level and play in background during your daily routine where able.

I drink plenty of water
I exercise often
Losing weight feels good
I enjoy varieties in food
I enjoy eating healthy
I achieve my desired weight quickly
I accept advice calmly
I am determined to lose weight
I give myself rewards for losing weight
I can workout with others
I am healthier at my target weight
I control my appetite
I love and improve my body
I change diets when needed
I can see myself at my target weight
I eat right and exercise smart
I lose weight easily
I have a positive self-image
I enjoy losing weight
I am attaining my target weight