The second installment of Synthalist Patches for more melody based scratching fun! Volume 2 includes 15 sounds including Synth Basses, Pads, Chords, Horns, Skin Flutes and more! All Patches have cue points imbedded in the mp3 so you are ready to rock on your turntable, mixer, or DJ controller!

Included in this pack:
  • CONGA Line
  • Deep CHOIR
  • DEEP House Chord
  • DISCO Lick
  • Drumline Horn
  • Gfunk Bass
  • New Wave Lick
  • ORChoirSTRA
  • Rhodetrip
  • Skin Flute
  • Space GUITAR
  • VOL. 2 STACK
  • War Horn
  • Warm FIFTH Synth