Supernatural Finances Collection

God wants you to prosper. Prosperity means you have no financial debt and you have more than enough money to fulfill every divine assignment God has for you and enough left to help others fulfill theirs. Money is a just a tool to accomplish Kingdom purposes. Money is another way to be intimate with Jesus. 

It is not spiritual to be poor. That is why we are told throughout scripture to give to the poor. The poorest way to help the poor is to be poor. 

“Jim, money can’t buy happiness.” Neither can poverty. Nobody is saying money can buy happiness, but it can:
  • Spread the Gospel
  • Feed the poor
  • Plant churches
  • Build hospitals
  • Dig wells for villages
  • Rescue girls coming out of trafficking
  • Create memories with your family
  • Enjoy the blessings of the Lord

It should be obvious that you cannot “Go into all the world” to disciple nations if you can’t afford to go to the store. 

If we are “blessed to be a blessing” then we must first be blessed! 

If the enemy can you sick and poor, he will severely limit your destiny. God is calling Christians to “take care of that which is least” (finances) so we can handle the “true riches” of heaven.