The Healing Collection

Say this out loud: “Healing is not my idea, it’s God’s idea.  I am not trying to convince Him, He is trying to convince me."

God is revealing His heart afresh: God wants you well! Jesus would no more rather have you in sickness than He would have you in sin. He paid for you to be free from both at the cross. Jesus perfectly revealed the Father’s will, “I only do what I see my Father doing.” And Jesus healed EVERY person who came to Him WITHOUT EXCEPTION. All it takes is mustard seed faith, if we will believe and not doubt. 

Unfortunately, there have been plenty of religious teachings that have sown doubt into our hearts and minds. Our biggest hindrance to healing are mindsets, not demons. 

This series makes it SIMPLE. We need to get back to healing ministry the way Jesus did it. Learn how to remove hindrances and doubts, push past disappointments and receive healing with mustard seed, child-like faith!