Life Design Workbook

Hi! I'm Shelly Werts. You may be wondering, how does a gal like you, who
seems to have it all put together, need guidance from a workbook? We all need a little help sometimes. Me included. I have many titles behind my name that support my professional identity (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Yoni Steam Facilitator, Artist, Business Owner, etc.). None of these titles fully describes me or demonstrates that sometimes I need guidance too. I am also a mother, a partner, a woman with hopes and dreams, a spirit, as well as, strong, independent, compassionate, love fiercely, and am an empath. We are all humans along for the ride on this journey called life. The secret is.....none of us has it all figured out. There have been many times in my life that I felt lost and unsure of what direction to take.  Sure we have moments of clarity and epiphanies! It helps to have some direction that can open us up to more possibilities. This workbook is just that. Just a guide to help you become the best you!